Introducing Indies: Project Luna 1947

Sep 19, 2014

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project_luna_1947_3 (367x520)Project Luna 1947 (AAm/Markosia)

Written by: Martin Hayes
Art by: Jim Boswell

One thing you may not know about me is that I am a conspiracy theory nut. I can’t get enough of it and will often spend hours scouring the internet and diving deep down the rabbit hole of Lunar landings, Ancient Aliens, and government cover ups. So when I started reading Project Luna 1947 on the ComicsFix app I was instantly enthralled.

Project Luna 1947 takes place in well… 1947, just as the nation starts to experience the UFO phenomenon, including that infamous crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Project Luna takes those stories, sightings, and conspiracy theories from that area and uses them to create a fun, action filled adventure, which weaves in an alternate history that I wish was our reality. In Project Luna will follow a rag tag team made up of the world’s best pilot, soldier, scientist and engineer as they uncover an alien invasion and have to fly to the moon in order to stop it. The team itself is a very intriguing aspect as it’s make up of citizens from the United States, England, France and Russia and they often don’t see eye to eye, but have come together and set aside their difference in order to save the world.


Writer Martin Hayes uses events like the space race and stories about Area 51 to create a narrative that will satiate any conspiracy nut. The best aspects of this book are when it uses these events to push the narrative forward and turn many of the conspiracy theories surrounding these events into reality. We see our heroes test flying Alien spaceships in Area 51, mad scientists reverse engineering alien technologies and mind controlling extraterrestrials into influencing government officials. Hayes seems to be a conspiracy fan himself and it shows.

Jim Boswell’s art seems to be a perfect fit for this period piece, as everything from character designs to the technology on display seem to be pulled directly from the era. Although he does add a modern twist to some of the designs, I never felt like I left the 1940s and entered some futuristic world that didn’t fit the overall narrative. This is often a difficult balance when dealing with Sci-Fi stories set in the past, as the project-Luna-1947 2technology on display can often overshadow the setting and take you out of the experience. Boswell seems to nail this delicate balance and I never felt like what I was seeing was out of the realm of possibility.

Project Luna 1947 is an uber fun pulpy thrill ride that mixes some of our most well know conspiracy theories with actual historical events. It’s full of twists and turns, mystery and intrigue everything a conspiracy theorist looks for. I can’t recommend this book enough especially if you are like me and you are just waiting for visitors from another world to reveal themselves and finally answer the question we have all asked at least once in our lifetimes. “Are we alone in the universe?”

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