Is Invincible Anime or Just a Cartoon?

May 23, 2024

Is Invincible Anime? Find Out Here

There have been disagreements among fans and critics about what kind of show “Invincible,” which is popular on Amazon Prime, is. 

Few say it’s a new Western animated film, but many say it’s more like Japanese anime. You can tell if “Invincible” is an anime by looking at how it looks, how it tells its story, and how it uses elements from other cultures. 

More information about these groups is given by comparing “Invincible” to classic anime and other Western animated shows. This shows where it fits in the world of animation.

Is the Show Invincible an Anime?

Young man Mark Grayson with a serious expression, wearing a striped sweater.

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Definition of Anime

Traditionally, anime refers to animated shows made by Japanese companies that have their own unique art styles, colorful characters, and creative plots. 

Since it comes from Japan, anime has a special cultural meaning that often reflects Japanese culture, social norms, and historical events. The word “anime” comes from the English word “animation,” but it has come to mean Japanese cartoon shows in particular.

  • Origins in Japanese society: Anime has deep roots in Japanese history and society.
  • Style of Art: Has unique artistic elements like bright colors and over-the-top facial gestures.
  • Themes: It often looks at complicated themes, like magic, science fiction, and how people feel.
  • Production: It was mostly made by Japanese companies and features voice actors from Japan.

Invincible’s Characteristics

Robert Kirkman, who also writes “The Walking Dead” comics, made the cartoon TV show “Invincible,” which you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. It’s about a teenager named Mark Grayson who gets superpowers from his father and has to figure out how to use them and handle the duties that come with them.

  • The story is about Mark Grayson, whose voice is done by Steven Yeun, as he becomes the superhero Invincible and tries to balance his tasks as a superhero with his high school life.
  • Style of Art: It has a Western-style animation style, but the characters are well-designed and the action scenes move quickly.
  • Themes: It looks at mature topics like violence, moral problems, and how families work.
  • Voice Acting: Voice acting is done very well by well-known artists like Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons as Omni-Man, and Sandra Oh.

While “Invincible” shares some similarities with anime, such as intricate storylines and emotional depth, its production and stylistic elements are rooted in Western animation traditions.

What Is Invincible Considered?

Debbie Grayson in green with Nolan Grayson in superhero costume.

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Western Animation vs. Anime

Western animation and anime are very different in many ways, such as their cultural backgrounds, art styles, and ways of being made. It’s important to understand these differences in order to identify “Invincible.”

  • Differences in Culture: Anime shows Japanese culture, while Western animation uses different parts of Western society.
  • Style of Art: Anime usually has a clear, sped-up style of art, while Western animation can be very different but is usually less detailed.
  • Techniques of Production: Japanese studios usually use detailed hand-drawn animation for anime, while Western studios may use both hand-drawn and computer animation.

Invincible’s Genre

The movie “Invincible” is definitely a superhero movie because it has strong superheroes, complicated morals, and exciting action scenes. It sticks out from other animated shows because it takes a more grown-up approach to superhero stories.

  • Superhero Genre: Has parts of traditional superhero stories as well as darker, more mature topics.
  • Mature Content: It has violent images and tough moral questions, which makes it different from most Western animation shows for kids.
  • Unique Position: “Invincible” breaks the rules by combining Western animation styles with the kind of story complexity that you usually find in anime.

Looking at these things, it’s clear that “Invincible” is not anime, even though it has some anime-like qualities. It is still Western animation heavily influenced by the superhero genre.

Is Invincible Similar to Anime?

Mark Grayson reaching out with a concerned look, wearing a backpack.

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Artistic and Narrative Style

The art style and story structure of “Invincible” are unique, and some fans say they are similar to anime. But there are also clear differences.

  • Artistic Style:
    • Character drawings with lots of details and action scenes that move around.
    • Use of bright colors and eye-catching effects.
  • Narrative Structure:
    • There are a lot of moral questions and complicated plots in these books.
    • Episode format is like a lot of anime shows.

Although some of these elements may remind you of anime, “Invincible” stays true to its Western roots by using Western animation techniques and having a Western look overall.

Audience Reception

Many anime and Western animation fans have liked “Invincible,” and many have said that they liked how deep it was and how mature the themes were.

  • Viewpoint of Anime Fans: Some anime fans like “Invincible” because it has a story and a lot of emotional depth, which are traits that are common in anime.
  • People in the West: People in the West like how the show takes a different approach to superhero stories by combining standard superhero elements with darker themes.

In general, “Invincible” has made a place for itself by appealing to fans of both anime and Western animation without fully fitting into either. Its success on Amazon Prime Video and the news of a second and third season show how popular and important it was.

What Anime Is Omni-Man On?

Invincible Superhero in blue and yellow suit standing confidently on a rooftop.

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Omni-Man’s Role in Invincible

The main character in the TV show “Invincible” is Omni-Man, whose voice is done by J.K. Simmons. He has a complicated and important part to play. He is one of the strongest superheroes in the world, but what he really is and why he does what he does adds levels of mystery and conflict to the story.

  • A Brief Look at the Character: Omni-Man, whose real name is Nolan Grayson, is a Viltrumite, which is a powerful alien race.
  • An important part of the story is his bond with his son, Mark Grayson, who has inherited his powers.
  • Key Episodes: Omni-Man’s acts in the first episode set the tone for the rest of the show by revealing deep secrets and starting heated arguments.
  • As the series goes on, it becomes clearer what Omni-Man’s real job is on Earth, which leads to shocking reveals and exciting action scenes.

Comparisons to Anime Characters

People have said that Omni-Man’s character is like some anime figures because he has a complicated moral compass and a lot of power.

  • Anime Characters That Are Like Omni-Man: Goku from “Dragon Ball Z” and All Might from “My Hero Academia” are both very strong and have a big effect on their worlds, just like Omni-Man.
  • Character Archetypes: Omni-Man is a good example of the strong teacher-turned-enemy archetype, which is popular in anime.

By comparing Omni-Man to these anime characters, fans can appreciate the depth and complexity he brings to “Invincible,” enriching the narrative and character dynamics.

What Makes an Anime Anime?

To figure out what makes an anime unique, you have to look at both the culture and the way it was made. Anime, which is usually made by Japanese studios, shows Japanese art, society, and ways of telling stories.

  • Cultural Roots: Japanese society, mythology, and social norms are often used in anime.
  • Production Methods: Anime is usually made by Japanese companies like Toei Animation and Studio Ghibli, and it has its own unique art styles and methods.
  • Voice Acting: Japanese voice actors, called seiyuu, bring anime characters to life, and they often have their own way of how they show emotion.

Global Influence of Anime

Many forms of entertainment around the world have been affected by anime, including Western animation and comic book stories like “Invincible.”

  • Artistic Influence: Anime has influenced a lot of Western animation shows by giving them style elements like action scenes that move quickly and characters with lots of small details.
  • Narrative Techniques: The complicated stories and character growth in anime have influenced writers and artists all over the world, including those who worked on “Invincible.”
  • Cultural trade: The worldwide appeal of anime has caused a cultural trade that combines Eastern and Western ways of telling stories.

As an example of how anime has affected people all over the world, “Invincible” shows some of these inspirations while still being its own unique superhero show.

Is Invincible Originally Japanese?

It’s not Japanese; the idea for “Invincible” came from an American, Robert Kirkman, who is famous for working on “The Walking Dead.” 

The series started as a comic book released by Image Comics. It’s about a teenager named Mark Grayson who finds out he has superpowers and has to figure out how to balance his normal life with his superhero duties. 

“Invincible” wasn’t made by a Japanese company like many anime shows are, and it didn’t come from any Japanese manga or light novels either.

Inspiration and Style

“Invincible” is an American story, but it was inspired by a mix of superhero, fantasy, and even horror stories, which is common in Japanese literature. Some people compare the show to Japanese anime and manga because it has a lot of intense action, complicated characters, and dramatic stories.

  • Impact of Superheroes: Omni-Man’s character is similar to Superman’s in that he is strong and seems unbeatable, but he also has a dark side.
  • Teenage Hero: Mark Grayson’s story of how he goes from being a normal teen to a strong superhero is common in both Western comics and Japanese cartoons.
  • Fantasy and Horror: The show has parts of both fantasy and horror, making it a unique mix that fans of both can enjoy.

Global Appeal

Because it’s on Amazon Prime Video, “Invincible” has become popular around the world, similar to how famous Japanese anime is. The show’s mix of action, deep stories, and mature themes connects with viewers all over the world, showing that it has a wide reach beyond its American roots.

  • Across the world: You can watch “Invincible” on Amazon Prime Video. It has captivated people all over the world, regardless of culture.
  • Cultural Fusion: “Invincible” is not Japanese, but it combines story-telling styles and themes that people all over the world, including Japanese people, enjoy.

Is Invincible a Cartoon or Animation?

The debate over whether “Invincible” is a cartoon or animation hinges on how these terms are understood and used. Although both refer to visual storytelling through drawings or CGI, there are subtle differences between the two.

  • Cartoon: Typically, cartoons are perceived as short, humorous visuals primarily created for children. Examples include “Tom and Jerry” and “Looney Tunes.”
  • Animation: This term encompasses all animated works, regardless of style or target audience. It includes both humorous cartoons and more serious shows like “Invincible.”

“Invincible” defies the usual cartoon mold due to its mature themes and intricate storytelling. The show’s content and style align more closely with animated series aimed at older viewers.

Invincible’s Place in Animation

For a number of reasons, “Invincible” is unique among animated shows and different from the majority of cartoons.

  • Mature Themes: The show explores heavy topics such as morality, identity, and the consequences of possessing power. It features violent and graphic scenes, making it unsuitable for young children.
  • Complex Characters: Characters like Mark Grayson (Invincible) and his father Omni-Man are fully developed, with intricate backstories and evolving motivations. Characters like Monster Girl add to the depth and diversity of the cast.
  • Depth of Narrative: Each episode contributes to the overarching plot, blending action sequences with psychological and emotional struggles. Mark Grayson’s journey with his newfound powers adds layers to the narrative.
  • Source Material: “Invincible” is based on the comic series by Robert Kirkman. The TV series retains the complex storyline and character arcs from the comics, appealing to superhero fans.
  • Influence and Production: Although not produced by a Japanese studio, “Invincible” shares qualities with works considered anime due to its sophisticated storytelling and mature content. Evan Goldberg, one of the show’s producers, has played a significant role in bringing this most powerful superhero story to life.

With its mature themes, intricate characters, and deep narrative, “Invincible” stands out in the animation genre, appealing to both fans of the original comic series and new viewers looking for a complex and engaging TV series. As the series progresses, especially with the upcoming “Invincible Season,” it continues to cement its place as a unique and influential piece of animated storytelling.

Key Takeaways

“Invincible” is an animated series that challenges traditional boundaries and definitions within the genre. Here are the main takeaways:

  • Position of Uniqueness: “Invincible” is often compared to anime, but it is still a unique Western animated show that mixes styles from both East and West.
  • Character Complexity: Mark Grayson and Omni-Man are examples of characters with a lot of depth and complexity. They deal with issues of power, duty, and right and wrong. This change in the characters is a big draw for watchers.
  • Dark Content: The show is different from most cartoons because it has dark themes, graphic violence, and gore. This makes it better for adults to watch.
  • Narrative Depth: Each episode of “Invincible” adds to a larger story that looks at what it’s really like to be a superhero. This level of detail is like what you’ll find in many good anime shows.


Is “Invincible” considered an anime?

No, “Invincible” is thought of as a Western animated show, even though it looks a bit like an anime show.

Who created “Invincible”?

Author Robert Kirkman made “Invincible.” He is also known for his work on “The Walking Dead” comics.

What is Omni-Man’s role in “Invincible”?

Omni-Man, whose voice is done by J.K. Simmons, is one of the main characters whose deeds and true intentions have a big effect on the plot.

How has anime influenced “Invincible”?

“Invincible” incorporates elements of anime, such as complex narratives and detailed character development, while maintaining its Western animation roots.

Will there be more seasons of “Invincible”?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video has picked up “Invincible” for a second and third season, which means there will be more shows to explore the show’s complex plot.