Is Scream The Female Symbiote Spotted In ‘Venom’ Comic-Con Footage?

Jul 22, 2018

It was recently confirmed during the Venom panel at San Diego Comic-Con that Riz Ahmed‘s villain Dr. Carlton Drake would eventually become Riot. One of five Life Foundation symbiotes featured in the Lethal Protector and Separation Anxiety from the solo Venom comic books.

Last fall, Omega Underground were first to reveal the film would be an adaption of Lethal Protector due to casting and location information for Venom we had uncovered. We also suggested back then that the Life Foundation symbiotes more than likely would be featured in the movie, which was also confirmed with Riot.

Comic-Con footage revealed at least one more symbiote, said to be female and shooting spikes into a group of civilians. Here’s the description of the footage thanks to our friends over at HybridNetwork, who attended the panel.

Two of the those five symbiotes were female, one named Scream and the other is called Agony, the former being more high-profile than the other four as seen on the above cover artwork. HybridNetwork assumes Agony is in the footage but it’s only their assumption. However, the female symbiote didn’t have completed effects as most symbiotes are identified by their color.

The actress playing her on the other hand may have been identified as actress Michelle Lee, who is listed as playing Donna Diego (Scream’s human host) on IMDB (not confirmation) by another person we spoke with who watched the footgae.

Lee has an extensive background with action/stuntwork and motion capture.

Nothing is entirely confirmed at the moment but there is likely a good reason why Riot is in this movie, because they might want to use the Life Foundation symbiotes as canon-fodder in an origin film before setting up Carnage for sequels.


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