Sep 12, 2022

Disclaimer: I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Wacom in the past for this site (click here), so I was more than happy to review another Wacom tablet! Now, the one I reviewed before is very different from the one I’m about to discuss, but I will still share the pros and possible cons with the Intuos.

In this day and age of art, many have turned to the digital platform to create, and with that, comes a plethora of tablets to choose from. I’ve tried from three separate companies in the past, but I’ve come to absolutely love anything that Wacom has created. My very first tablet was an older model of the Wacom Intuos (2013), and I loved it! Then I got the pleasure of reviewing the Wacom One in 2020, which certainly upped my digital drawing ability. I prefer looking at the screen of the tablet when I draw, as I feel I’m looking at the pad of a sketch book. Now, I’m here to review the updated Wacom Intuos S (with Bluetooth), which I must say, is a much improved version.


The Wacom Intuos I’m reviewing is the smaller size, which I don’t mind. I draw in many different sized sketchbooks, so the size of the tablet never truly bothers me. If you’re hard pressed for desk space, then this is perfect. It’s less than half the length of a standard keyboard, and practically the same height! And whether you keep it in the box or not, it’s so easy to just file away when you’re not using it. The box is barely five inches thick, and the tablet is even thinner.

A sample drawing done with the Wacom Intuos by me.


The pen that comes with the tablet is of standard size, and felt very natural in my hand. But! This pen comes with an awesome bonus. If you unscrew the back part, you will see three extra pen nibs! How awesome is that? Normally I’d have to order more pen nibs (this is in regards to a different tablet by a different company). Thankfully I’m not very harsh with my tablet pens, so I can make these nibs last. The cable that’s included is simple. Plug into the tablet, and plug into the computer. I love a simple “plug-n-play” type tablet where there’s not much in terms of set up (you still need to download the Wacom drivers from their website – which is incredibly simple). But wait! The coolest part is this tablet comes with Bluetooth! If your computer has the ability to connect with Bluetooth, then you don’t need the cable for very long. After connecting, you are free to place the tablet wherever you like, without being restrained by a plug. If the battery runs low, just plug it back in.


The first Wacom Intuos I had was very smooth. The pen just glided across, and it certainly took time for me to become adjusted to it. I still prefer the feel of paper when I draw, and this is pretty close. The tablet has a slight roughness to it, reminiscent of how pencil feels on paper. It’s a nice way to feel like you’re drawing traditionally, while creating digitally.


Sometimes I feel I can’t be precise with my mouse. It’s happened from time to time, and believe it or not, tablets like these work as a wonderful substitute. I actually used this tablet to help me play a few games, like the gem matching game “Doctor Who: Infinity”, and even the first “Five Nights at Freddy’s” game. These games needed a type of precision that I was just unable to achieve with a mouse. Funny how that works sometimes! But therein lies the beauty of this tablet – it’s perfect for work and play. Need to take notes? Need a more precise mouse? Wanna doodle? This tablet works for all these.


When I reviewed the Wacom One in 2020, I found that I preferred the “pen display” tablets, and I was more comfortable looking directly at what I was drawing. But everyone is different! I started out with a “pen tablet” myself, and it’s a perfect beginner drawing tablet for beginners. The Wacom Intuos allows you to get the feel of a drawing tablet, and decide whether it’s right for you. Not an artist? The Intuos is an excellent, supplemental mouse as well if you have trouble being precise with a traditional mouse. Will I use this tablet for art? Probably not as it’s not my preference, but I will add it to my arsenal of work tools… and maybe sneak in another game of FNAF!