It Ends With Us FIlm Trailer: Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni Shine in Colleen Hoover’s Adaptation

Jul 6, 2024

It Ends With Us FIlm Trailer: Starring Blake Lively & Justin Baldoni

The long-awaited trailer for the movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s best-selling book “It Ends With Us” has finally come out. Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni play the lead parts. The movie, which comes out on August 9, 2024, is about Lily, a girl from a small town who moves to Boston to start a new life.

There she meets neurosurgeon Ryle and falls in love with him. With a great cast and an interesting plot, this movie should be able to keep both fans of the book and new viewers interested. Find out everything you need to know about this upcoming love story by reading on.

Is It Ends With Us Coming Out as a Movie?

Lily singing into a microphone in a lively bar setting.

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Colleen Hoover’s best-selling novel “It Ends With Us” is going to be made into a movie, which is making fans and moviegoers very excited. Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni are in the official trailer for this much-anticipated romantic drama, which has now been released.

Overview of the Movie Adaptation

“It Ends With Us” is an interesting story about Lily Bloom, a girl from a small town who wants to start her own business. Lily begins a new life when she moves to Boston, where she meets Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon who is finishing his residency.

They fall in love after meeting by chance, but Lily can’t help but think about her first love, Atlas Corrigan, as she deals with her relationship with Ryle.

The idea behind Hoover’s book is captured in this movie version, which stars a lot of big-name actors. The dream Lily holds of building a better future amidst her turbulent past forms the emotional core of the story.

Release Date and Delays

The movie was supposed to come out on February 9, 2024, but the Writers Guild of America strike caused production delays. Filming started up again in January, and Sony Pictures has now set the new release date for August 9, 2024.

Fans can’t wait to see their favorite characters come to life, and the trailer gives us a sneak peek at an emotional and gripping story.

What Age Rating Is It Ends With Us Movie?

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The movie adaptation of “It Ends With Us” has gotten a lot of attention for both its interesting plot and the fact that it’s good for people of all ages. Parents and guardians can make better decisions when they know the age rating.

Target Audience and Content Rating

“It Ends With Us” has a PG-13 rating, which means that teens and adults can watch it. There are romantic, emotional, and traumatic childhood themes in the movie that might not be appropriate for younger viewers. This rating means that some of the content might not be appropriate for kids under 13.

Parental Guidance and Themes

Parental guidance is needed because the movie deals with sensitive topics like domestic violence, emotional trauma, and the effects of past relationships. The story depends on these themes, but younger viewers might need to talk about them and be shown how to deal with them. Parents thinking about letting their kids see this movie:

  • Discuss the film’s themes beforehand.
  • Be prepared to answer questions and provide support.
  • Consider watching the film together to facilitate discussions.

Who’s Playing Atlas in the It Ends With Us Movie?

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Many “It Ends With Us” fans are very excited about the actors who were chosen for the lead role of Atlas Corrigan, Lily Bloom’s first love. People were looking forward to hearing about the actor choice, and the official announcement did not let them down.

Casting Announcement

Brandon Sklenar has been cast as Atlas Corrigan. He will give the role more depth and charm. Sklenar’s performance looks like it will capture the essence of Atlas, a character who is very important to Lily’s journey. His return to Lily’s life makes the story more complicated and puts her relationship with Ryle Kincaid to the test.

Character Overview

Atlas Corrigan is an important person in Lily’s past. She was her protector and a kindred spirit during her difficult childhood. His sudden return puts at risk the new life Lily has made with Ryle.

Fans are really looking forward to Sklenar’s performance and can’t wait to see how he brings Atlas to life on the big screen. His chemistry with Blake Lively’s Lily will be very important for showing how deeply they feel about each other.

Is It Ends With Us Appropriate for a 13 Year Old?

Lily smiling softly at night with city lights in the background.

Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends With Us” is turned into a movie with mature themes that might not be appropriate for all age groups. Parents and guardians should carefully look over the content before letting kids watch it.

Content Suitability for Young Teens

“It Ends With Us” is a complicated story about a young woman named Lily who is trying to start a new life in Boston. It tells of domestic violence, emotional trauma, and her struggles.

Even though these themes are important to the story, they might be too intense for younger readers. The movie has a PG-13 rating, which means that some of the content might not be appropriate for kids younger than 13 who are not watching with an adult.

Viewer Discretion and Recommendations

Parents might want to talk to their kids about the movie’s themes before they watch it. Let me give you some suggestions:

  • Discuss the Themes: Explain the themes of domestic abuse and emotional struggles in age-appropriate terms.
  • Watch Together: Consider watching the movie together to provide immediate support and answer any questions.
  • Provide Context: Give background on the importance of these themes in real life and literature.

Did It Ends With Us Finish Filming?

Fans of Colleen Hoover’s book can’t wait for the movie adaptation to come out. The making of the movie had some problems, but it will be in theaters soon.

Production Timeline

When filming for “It Ends With Us” started, expectations were high, but the Writers Guild of America strike caused delays. Production stopped in June 2023, even though it was supposed to begin in February 2023. Luckily, filming started up again in January 2024. Even with these problems, the movie is now finished, and Sony Pictures has set August 9, 2024, as the date for its release.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

The journey of bringing “It Ends With Us” to the big screen was fraught with challenges but also moments of hope and determination. Some interesting insights from the production include:

  • Blake Lively’s Dedication: Blake Lively, who plays Lily Bloom, was deeply invested in her character, even serving as an executive producer.
  • Director’s Vision: Justin Baldoni, who also stars as Ryle Kincaid, directed the film and brought a unique perspective to the storytelling.
  • Soundtrack Choices: Taylor Swift’s song “My Tears Ricochet” was chosen for the trailer, setting an emotional tone for the movie.

Is It Ends With Us a True Story?

“It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover speaks to many readers because it tells a true story. Does the story actually happen?

Basis of the Story

Even though “It Ends With Us” is fiction, Colleen Hoover got ideas for it from real events and people she knew. The book talks about real problems, like domestic violence and how complicated relationships can be. The story feels real and has a lot of emotional depth because Hoover shows these themes in an honest way.

Differences Between Fiction and Reality

Though the novel is not a true story, it reflects real emotions and situations that many people can relate to. Key points to consider:

  • Inspired by Real Events: Hoover has mentioned that parts of the story are inspired by her own life and those of people she knows.
  • Fictional Elements: While the characters and specific events are fictional, they are crafted to evoke real emotions and dilemmas.
  • Impactful Storytelling: The blend of reality and fiction in “It Ends With Us” helps readers and viewers connect deeply with the characters and their journeys.

Key Takeaways

The release of the “It Ends With Us” film trailer has generated significant excitement among fans of Colleen Hoover’s novel. With Blake Lively’s casting as Lily Bloom, the film promises to capture the essence of the book’s emotional journey.


  • Trailer Release: The “It Ends With Us” film trailer showcases a powerful narrative featuring Lily, Ryle, and Atlas.
  • Casting: Blake Lively as Lily and Jenny Slate in a supporting role highlight the film’s strong casting choices.
  • Soundtrack: “My Tears Ricochet” by Taylor Swift adds an emotional depth to the trailer.
  • Themes: The film explores complex themes like parents relationship and writing college-age characters.
  • Plot Points: The story revolves around Lily’s dream of starting her own business and the turmoil when Atlas suddenly reappears in her life.

These elements collectively promise a compelling adaptation that stays true to the spirit of Hoover’s novel and brings the dream Lily to life on the big screen.


Who is directing the It Ends With Us movie?

Justin Baldoni is directing the “It Ends With Us” movie, bringing his unique vision to Colleen Hoover’s beloved story.

What is the significance of the title “It Ends With Us”?

The title “It Ends With Us” signifies breaking the cycle of abuse and creating a new beginning, reflecting the protagonist’s journey.

Will there be a sequel to the It Ends With Us movie?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding a sequel to the “It Ends With Us” movie.

How closely does the movie follow the book?

The movie closely follows the book’s plot, capturing the core themes and emotional depth of Colleen Hoover’s novel.

Where can I watch the It Ends With Us trailer?

You can watch the “It Ends With Us” trailer on Sony Pictures’ official YouTube channel and various entertainment news websites like Variety.