James Wan’s ‘Annabelle 3’ Eyeing October Production Start In Los Angeles

Aug 2, 2018

A third Annabelle movie is coming together from producer James Wan as Gary Dauberman (Swamp Thing, IT, IT: Chapter 2) is set to write and direct Annabelle 3. Gary previously wrote the last two Annabelle movies and The Nun, so he’s already deeply rooted in the Conjuring universe.

Omega Underground has learned that New Line Cinema is expected to start shooting sometime this October in Los Angeles, California.

As revealed at Comic-Con (via ScreenRant) the film will focus on the homestead of The Warrens, which confirms the return of actors Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

According to the panel, the movie will be set shortly before the events of The Conjuring, showing what happened when the Warrens first brought the doll back and stashed her in their occult museum. In their careers as supernatural investigators, Ed and Lorraine have amassed a collection of cursed objects that they keep locked up together in a room in their house (which is really just asking for trouble), and the third movie will see the demon that possesses the Annabelle doll bringing the other artifacts to life, Night at the Museum style. While that might sound like fun, the results are probably going to be pretty terrifying

Warner Bros. hasn’t announced a release date but it’s expected to drop sometime next summer.