January’s Japan Crate Review

Jan 23, 2016



Japan Crate is a monthly subscription service that sends Japanese sweets and drinks. There are three subscription options, mini, original, or premium.
Subscription Options:
  • Mini is 12 per month and you receive 4 to 6 items
  • Original is 25 per month with 8 to 10 items plus a DIY Kit Guaranteed.
  • Premium is $30 per month with 12-14 items, a drink, a DIY Kit, and a bonus item. If you are trying to choose between the Original and Premium I think the $5 extra dollars is worth it.


This month’s crate came at a perfect time, as we have currently been on an anime binge and are burning through Sword Art Online at the moment. What better way to enjoy then to also receive a bunch of sweets to pig out on.


What’s even better is that this box also came with a free 30 day Crunchyroll membership, so let the binge watching commence!
I organized this month’s Japan Crate review in the order of what you would receive if you choose a mini, original or a premium subscription box.



Pocky, Ju-C Short Cake, & Hello Kitty Strawberry Pretzels

Ju-C Short Cake- It’s wrapped like Mentos candy, they look almost like Tums tablets but thankfully they taste way better. The flavor is obviously strawberry shortcake. The description labels it as “chip” candy, which I thought was interesting. You can call this candy whatever you like because I love it!

Hello Kitty Strawberry Pretzel- These are pretty good, not too sweet either. They are pretzel sticks dipped in strawberry flavor. They are pretty addicting, I meant to try only one but I ended up eating five.



Asahi Calpis, Yam White Chocolates, and Fit’z Strawberry Cream Gum

Usushi/Ume Potato chips- You either get the Usushi chips which is a lightly salted potato chips or the Ume (plum flavored chips). I received the Usushi (lightly salted) chips. I am not that picky with chips, I love potato chips. I do wish I could have tried the Ume (plum) to compare.


Milk Chocolate Pocky- The second I saw these I knew I was going to enjoy it. I mean it is milk chocolate cream covered in biscuit sticks. Who wouldn’t love them?
Asahi Calpis gummy- Calpis is a popular drink in Japan. It is a lightly sugar gummy, shaped as a tablet filled with Calpis jelly. Yummy! I was a little worried because I haven’t cared for past gummies that I have tried from Japan Crate but these are good.



Sparkling Orange Gummy- These gummies are shaped like little bottles and are orange flavored. It is lightly covered in sugar and is the perfect mix of sweet and sour.


Fit’z Strawberry Cream Gum

Fit’s Strawberry and Cream Gum- This one actually has a Where’s Waldo theme to it. Once you open the package, you get a whiff of strong strawberry smell but the taste is not too strong, it’s actually perfect flavor. After a while like all gum the flavor did fade. Each piece of gum is wrapped with pictures of Waldo, Waldo’s Dog Woof, and Waldo’s girlfriend Wenda. On the back of the gum package there is a picture of one of the Where’s Waldo puzzle images.



Pokemon Pineapple Candy

Pokemon Pineapple Candy –  I thought this was gum at first, especially because of how it’s wrapped but I learned pretty quick it’s not. The Japan crate description of the item explains that “It’s a cultural taboo to take food out of your mouth in Japan, so candy maker created candy that chews like gum while dissolving.” I just learned something new. This candy tasted just like pineapple, which is delicious. As Japan Crate says,” Shockingly sweet and loveable like our friend Pikachu!” I kind of didn’t want to try this candy at first because each stick is wrapped nicely and feature a different Pokemon. You give me something with Mega Charizard on it, I fee like it would be unforgivable to destroy.

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Yam White Chocolates- What is this sorcery, you tell me your chocolate but look like little cubes of cheese. It is sweet potato mixed with white chocolate and a seasonal favorite in Japan. Now a favorite of mine.


Premium (+Original & +Mini)
Gaba Infused Stress Relieving Milk Chocolate- “GABA is an amino acid that’s said to relieve stress and anxiety.” I think I may be needing to take these along with me to work.

Pizza Pretz- These were probably my least favorite out of the box but that doesn’t mean they were terrible. They weren’t bad actually. They are just pretzel sticks flavored like pizza. Not my


Pizza Pretz

preferred cup of tea.


Gaba Infused Stress Relieving Milk Chocolate & Sukitto Lemon C Drink

Sukitto Lemon C Drink- This drink contains Vitamin C and taste like Lemon. It’s basically a Lemon soda, I enjoyed it though.


This months box did not come with a DIY kit. Japan Crate said it made up for it by doing a lucky lottery. Each Original and Premium box came with an item that is worth at least twice as much as the DIY kit. It can range from a stationary kit to a Nintendo DS.


Also, as I mentioned early on, the box also comes included with a 30-day trial of Crunchy Roll. CrunchyRoll is a streaming service which features several anime and Japanese pop culture.


My bonus items were:
A “Sweet belive” pen and a “Miffy and Lacey” mechanical pencil. I also received a lemon candy called Morinaga Hichu Suppaichu. Each candy is individually packaged and it looks like a little piece of butter. Once you sink your teeth into this delicious candy you quickly realize it is a chewy lemon candy with a white powdery hard candy. It is a little difficult to describe but this is a must try if you like lemon. While I was researching this candy, I discovered that apparently it’s so popular that the makers are also opening a factory in North Carolina.


I really enjoyed each item I received in this month’s Japan Crate. They are delicious. If you are a fan of Japanese culture and are interested in getting some awesome treats delivered to your door from Japan, Or even if you just have a sweet tooth then I would suggest checking out this subscription box. As I mentioned previously, there are different types of subscription size boxes: mini, original and premium.


Also, Back in December, Japan Crate launched their Doki Doki Box. For just $30/month you can receive up to 8-10 items featuring anything “Kawaii” (Cute). From Adorable plushies and squishies, to miniatures and apparel there are items for any fans of Japanese Pop culture.
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