Jedi vs. Sith Symposium Star Wars Debates: Rey is a Solo?

May 29, 2017


In our first debate we discussed the parentage of Rey from The Force Awakens. Ryan Henry Hunter of Scotland aka Master Alrune of the Jedi and Sith Library on Facebook ( presented the idea that Rey is a Solo.

Brian Karasek of Channel Star Wars ( suggested she was not related to any of the main characters.

>The debate moderator Jay Sandlin (@JSandlinWriter) introduced the Mara Jade theory and suggested Rey was left on Jakku by her mother before dying before she could tell Luke or anyone else. Jay is the founder and creator of The Novel Comics and his first book Outbreak Mutiny is available now on Amazon: (

Feel free to comment and let us know which theory of Rey’s parentage sounds most likely to you!

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