Jotun Beta Preview

Aug 25, 2015


Jotun is an action exploration game set in Norse mythology and an impressive one at that, with hand drawn animation, environments and characters. The combat is hard and satisfying, if the elements of the environments doesn’t get you the enemies will.

You play as Thora a Norse warrior woman who died an inglorious death in battle. Her mission to face challenges in Viking purgatory to impress the gods and enter Valhalla. Your weapon a two handed ax and magic to help you defeat your foes.

Thora Animation ThorGodPower


The boss battles are epic and literally larger than life and Thora so have your wits about you when face a boss.

FeEnraged Winter Jotun Boss Battle


The hand drawn environment are a joy to look at with life and personality everywhere. In certain parts of the game the camera will pull back to reveal just how expansive the world of Jotun is and show of its beauty.

Nidhogg Oculus


An added layer to the environment is the sound track. I always turn off the music in video games when I’m playing but this one I want to hear everything. The sound effects and over all music meld well together to complete your emersion in the world.

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Even in this beta I have yet to explore the few levels available fully, a task I look forward to completing. The good folks at Thunder Lotus Games has a winner on their hands in my opinion and I cannot wait for a full release of the title.

No word on a release date just yet but I recommend to keep an eye on Jotun. It will be available on PC, Mac and Linux when it drops. So you and I can impress the GODS!

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