‘Judge Dredd’ Series ‘Mega-City One’ Has Pilot Written and Two Years Worth of Plot

Jul 22, 2018

Alex Garland’s Dredd might be one of the more upsetting Hollywood stories as it remains one of the better post-Dark Knight comic book movies but ultimately tanked at the box office throwing a cinematic sequel for the badass Judge Dredd adaptation into limbo.

2000 AD had instead moved towards a series title Mega-City One with Dredd star Karl Urban suggesting he’d be willing to return to the role, on the big or small screen. Urban is currently shooting another comic book series at the moment in Toronto with The Boys.

There is now an update on Mega-City One via THR, as there is now word a pilot script from Judge Dredd comic book writer Rob Williams in complete, along with a plot outline for the first two years of the series. It’s a good sign that things might be finally coming together.

As revealed by 2000 AD and Judge Dredd owners Rebellion at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday afternoon, preparation for the television series Judge Dredd: Mega-City One is progressing apace, with the news that the pilot script and plot for the show’s first two years have been completed — and a name familiar to Dredd fans is attached to both.

Rob Williams, who has written the character for 2000 AD for years — including working on such important stories as “Trifecta,” “Titan” and the “Enceladus” cycle — is the creative lead for the pilot for the show, which focuses on the authoritarian police force in the overcrowded giant city that encompasses the majority of the East Coast of the United States. He also worked with a group of writers on the plot for the show’s first couple of seasons. Despite the title, Dredd will not be the sole focus on the show, which will instead be an ensemble drama.

Mega-City One currently doesn’t have a home but there was chatter a while back that they were courting places such as Amazon and Netflix.


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