Jurassic League #1: DC Comics Review

May 10, 2022

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Jurassic League #1 variant cover

Dinosaurs are awesome. Superhero’s are awesome. What happens when you have Superhero’s who are Dinosaurs? You get one of the most fun, and wildly entertaining comics on shelves today. Jurassic League #1 from Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedeon and Mike Spicer is the answer to the question no one has ever asked, “What if Batman and Superman were dinosaurs?” Give me more please.

DC Comics
Written By: Daniel Warren Johnson
Art By: Juan Gedeon
Colors By: Mike Spicer


More or less this is the creation of the League, the origin story. The story isn’t original. Comic fans have seen the tale of the Justice League more than once. But with Jurassic League, the added “cool” factor for the dinosaurs is the selling point. On release day of May 10th, we are one month away from Jurassic World: Dominion hitting theatres. Dinosaurs are cool when your a kid or if you are an adult. Story, schmory in this case.

With so little Dinosaur goodness on comic shelves today, Jurassic League #1 is the first in a six part limited series from DC Comics. It is the itch that is so beautiful to scratch.


The crew DC has put together for the interiors and variant and regular covers for JL are all top notch. Gedeon brings lines that are both big and grand, but with a subtly that makes the emotional moments in JL impactful. With oft Daniel Warren Johnson collaborator colorist Mike Spicer on board, JL is easily one of the most fun and best books to look from DC. Colors are bright and purposeful.

What it really comes down to are the character designs. Batman and the entire Justice League crew are here and they are glorious. Glorious as dinosaurs. The Justice League rogues gallery also make some appearances, and the Dino versions are outstanding. Which dinosaur for which hero is a choice, that will have to play out in some cases. Still loads of fun regardless.

Overall Enjoyment

Jurassic League issue #1 breaks no worldly ground. Its just the Justice League but as dinosaurs. Daniel Warren Johnson is one of the best comic creators on the planet today, along with a killer creative team, Jurassic League is a must buy. Whether your dinosaur knowledge rivals that of Ellie Sattler or Dr. Grant, pick up this book.

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