Taking the Bait in Justice League Power Rangers #3 REVIEW

Mar 8, 2017


Justice League Power Rangers #3
DC Comics

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Steve Byrne

The Justice League continue their Mighty Morphin’ team-up with the Power Rangers in Justice League Power Rangers #3 battling against Lord Zedd and Brainiac (what a super-villain team up!)! Lord Zedd has unleashed monsters on every continent and it’s up to the Justice League and Power Rangers to stop them, despite knowing they are taking the bait for a trap that could have devastating consequences for our heroes and both worlds.

Personally, I’m not usually particularly fond of comic crossovers across different franchises. More often times than not, I have felt the level of quality in the crossover versus a regular run of whatever series suffers, becomes gimmicky, and misses it’s mark. However, that is absolutely not the case with this crossover. This crossover works and seeing my favorite Power Rangers meet Batman for the first time, an so much more, is pure gold.

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Though the story does feel incredibly simple and familiar, it doesn’t lose it’s draw with moments like the Blue Ranger and the Flash talking strategy and the Black Ranger wondering why none of our Justice League heroes smile like heroes do on his Earth. These interactions are simple, yet add so much heart and value to the narration.

Justice League/Power Rangers is, for a lack of better way to say it, just a whole lot of fun and is a treat for fans of the original Power Rangers and fans of DC Comics alike. I am excited to see this story unfold and where it will take our teams going forward.

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