Kaiju Wars (Review)

Apr 27, 2022

Kaiju Wars
Published by Foolish Mortals Games
Developed by Foolish Mortals Games & Michael Long

Kaiju have returned and are up to their usual destruction and death. They have no regard for property value, just finding their objective and smashing it into the ground. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any nuclear accidents or friendly giant creatures to help us out. So it’s time to get the military and get them out there. The only defense is a good (well, at least mediocre) offense. That’s what you get to start with in Kaiju Wars from Foolish Mortals Games.

In the game, you are the mayor of Flotila City, which for some reason is now looking very attractive to some nasty kaiju. With the aid of a military man and a scientist (whom seems to be the target of the kaiju), you are there to allocate the resources to keep your city safe. Land and air vehicles, scientific devices, and a little help from some special projects aid you in your quest. The kaiju that you face are no laughing matter as they will literally swat your vehicles away. You have to keep advancing and attacking until you subdue them or cause them to retreat. A deeper, darker plot is also in play as you will also discover.

Kaiju Wars is a 2D turn-based strategy game that plays with a narrative storyline as well. With the use of your units, projects and weapons, you do your best to take the battle to the monsters. Units are purchased with credits earned each turn and replenish based on the amount of certain buildings still standing. The super weapons come available due to the special projects and will have a turn counter until they’re usable. Along with that, the projects could also give you free or discounted buildings you can place or speed up your units. Each turn, it’s a race to see who can do the most damage to the other to hamper them. Whether it be the military damaging the kaiju (enough damage will slow it down) or the kaiju damaging the city (reducing resources), something’s getting busted.

Kaiju Wars played very well for turn-based strategy, with a solid tutorial that helped guide you on your way. You are able to start fast and get into the story real quickly. There is a lot of flavor throughout the game with character backgrounds, news reports about the ongoing situation, and data on the kaiju. The music and sound effects went together with a nice synergy that brought everything in sync. The style of the artwork and the graphics actually brought a pleasing aesthetic to the whole experience. Gameplay was very straightforward to learn and getting better with the nuances of the game will give it more replay value. Overall, a strategy game that plays like the best games of the 90s in the aspects of its theatricality, gaming experience, and overall character.

Rating 9/10


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