Batgirl Casts Michael Keaton? The Fate Of Ben Affleck’s Batman Revealed?

Dec 22, 2021

Today news has broken about the casting of Michael Keaton as ‘Batman’ in The upcoming ‘Batgirl’ project from Warner Brothers. The internet has again gone into a sort of frenzie. Keaton, the 70-year old actor has not donned the cape & cowl in more than 30 years. Now set to appear in 2 future projects.

Batman Returns Debuted in 1992 after its predecessor 1989’s Batman released to box office dominance. Fans Of Keaton have wanted the actor to return to the role, ever since the idea of the multiverse.

The Flash & Multiple Batman actors

Batgirl project casts Michael Keaton as Batman. Warner Brothers And HBOmax DCEU
Concept Art For The upcoming Flash Film

Awhile back, casting for the upcoming Warner Brothers project The Flash started to hit outlets. Finally, Keaton would return to Batman in some form or fashion, whether it is to be a smaller, cameo-esk type role. Or a larger leading role remained to be seen. Ben Affleck had also been announced for The Flash movie, and questions started to be raised whether or not Keaton was being brought in to replace [Affleck] as the DCEU’s main Bruce Wayne.

The Multiverse concept

Batgirl project casts Michael Keaton as Batman. Warner Brothers And HBOmax DCEU
1992’s Batman Returns Logo With A Blood Spot Teased By The Flash Director

The Problem most people have with Ben’s Batman was that he was an older, more veteran Bruce Wayne. Not leaving a lot of development for him when we are finally introduced to him in Batman V. Superman. So, would replacing him with an even OLDER Bruce Wayne, for purely nostalgic reasons be a better suit for the DC movie brand?

Batgirl on HBOmax

Batgirl, Starring Leslie Grace, has been rumored to have a big influence from Ben Affleck’s Batman, as it will star J.K Simmons, who was cast by Zack Snyder for His DC run and appeared in Justice League as Jim Gordon. Today’s news has thrown a wrench in that theory, but, has not completely ousted it.

Batgirl project casts Michael Keaton as Batman. Warner Brothers And HBOmax DCEU
Batgirl From DC Comics, Set to Star in her own Project for the DCEU

The Multiverse concept does allow for multiple versions of characters to appear simultaneously, and the aftermath of The Flash film will tell us more about what the Batgirl Show could expand upon.

A Batgirl…Beyond?

Fans have long wanted a “Batman Beyond” storyline to be adapted into live-action, could WB be setting up a storyline that replaces Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis, with barbara gordon? allowing for that storyline to run alongside any other stories that include Ben’s Batman? One thing is for sure, in the next 2-3 years, there will be no shortage of bat-people making their way to the DCEU.

Until more news is confirmed it really is hard to say either way, if Affleck will continue to reprise the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman In The Future of The DCEU. Fans will continue to theorize, and run rampant with fan-theories. Once more information comes out, we will be sure to update this article and keep you informed.

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