Kevin Feige Teases Excitement To Get Access To Deadpool and X-Men – No Specific Plans Yet

Oct 30, 2018


While the Disney/Fox merger is still not finalized, there is still some early excitement coming from Kevin Feige who recently spoke with Variety at the Britannia Awards in Los Angeles.

During his brief red carpet chat, Kevin stated that Deadpool survived Thanos’ snap as he wasn’t in the MCU at the time, but did tease anticipation for the merger to be completed as the Fox characters would be heading home to Marvel Studios.

“As you said, the merger’s not done but what I will say for years and years, the dream has been to have access to as many as of characters back. So we could tell those stories at Marvel Studios, if and when that happens I’ll be very excited.”

“We have ideas just from going back 18 years, but nothing specific.”

When and where the mutants/Deadpool will make their first appearance is still unknown, but there is a solid chance that the mutant gene could be explained/setup in The Eternals.

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