Kingdom Hearts Light Cycle and Sora Minimates Review

May 24, 2019

Admittedly Kingdom Hearts was never my game. I mean it totally should be. It checks all my nerd boxes and I’m a sucker for anything Disney related, but due to its often grueling gameplay and decades between releases, it was always a franchise I struggled to enjoy. Tron, on the other hand, is fucking awesome. I remember the first time I saw Tron and was amazed to see Disney bring a video game to life. The colors and action were all made for a mind molded by comics and video games, so while I don’t have an affinity for Kindom Hearts, Tron is definitely my jam.

To celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts 4, Diamond Select has dropped this beautifully blue Sora and Light Cycle, Tron set. The set features Sora decked out in Tron wear ready to hit the ultra-web. Sora’s figure is highly detailed and expertly painted as the tones of Blues, Blacks, and Greys really make the details of the Tron suit pop. The light cycle itself shares a similar color scheme but a much more complicated design that honestly feels out of place next to the blocky Sora figure. And while the Light Cycle is accurate to its live-action counterpart it’s clunky in its motion and the way Sora just kind of sits atop of it. And while I do find the Sora figure to be wonderfully crafted and pieced together, the left arm would continually fall of during poses and placing the figure on the bike. Making taking these simple pictures sometimes frustrating experience.

Kingdom Hearts fans will get the most bang for their buck out of this product. Its really geared directly to them, if you aren’t a fan of the game but dig Tron like me. Then you may also find some value in this homage to a classic film. If you don’t fit in either of those boxes this Minimate maybe one you can skip as sit offers little excitement for the casual fan.

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