Knighted #1  (REVIEW)

Nov 2, 2021

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Knighted #1 Main Cover

Knighted #1 

AWA Studios’ “Resistance Universe” is vast and broad with many great titles. From The Resistance to E-Ratic and Moths, AWA continues to put forth great books that can be enjoyed by a wide range of readers. With Knighted #1 making its debut, we get yet another original story that weaves wonderfully into the Resistance world. 

AWA/Upshot Studios
Written by: Gregg Hurwitz
Art by: Mark Texeira
Colors by: Brian Reber

Letters by: Andworld Design 

From the outset, Knighted #1 does a great job of getting the reader invested in its main character, Bob. Middle management and down on his luck, you don’t just root for Bob, you want him to exact sweet, sweet revenge. However, throughout the first issue the question keeps arising: is he capable of such action?

Gregg Hurwitz does really well with establishing the characters, as well as setting the story’s pace. While it’s a little slow to start, once the story takes shape, Knighted #1 kicks into high gear and takes a surprising, and enjoyable, turn of events. Additionally, Hurwitz does a wonderful job of presenting his main protagonist as a human doormat, which will no doubt make for a fascinating character study. 

“With Knighted #1 making its debut, we get yet another original story that weaves wonderfully into the Resistance world. ”

When it comes to the art, Mark Texeira and Brian Reber do a great job of giving Knighted that classic superhero feel. Much like the storytelling, once the tone of the story changes, so does the action and ferocity of the art. Ranging from subdued to action-packed, Texeira’s art is a perfect compliment to Hurwtiz’s writing. 

Overall Knighted #1 does a great job of incorporating a new story into AWA’s The Resistance Universe . Even if one has not read the previous titles, Knighted #1 can be enjoyed as is. Hurwitz has created a wildly relatable character who’s journey is shaping up to be captivating and fun as hell to read.

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