‘Kraven The Hunter’ Screenwriter Richard Wenk Would Be Happy To See Friend and ‘Morbius’ Contender Antoine Fuqua Direct

Oct 10, 2018


Kraven The Hunter screenwriter Richard Wenk has worked with director Antoine Fuqua on The Equalizer, The Magnificent Seven, and The Equalizer 2. When Richard’s recent interview with DiscussingFilm pivoted to suggesting Antoine Fuqua to direct his Spider-Man spin-off Kraven, his answer seemed very interesting indeed even if it’s an opinion.

DF: A lot of fans are saying he could be the guy to take-on Kraven, do you think he’s some you’d like to see take a stab at directing this film?

WENK: That’s an unequivocal yes. Antonie is not just a great filmmaker and one of the top filmmakers in this business, but he’s a friend of mine and we work very well together. So, you know, I’ve got his ear and he’ll decide based on the script. Umm, but yeah, I think I can speak for myself and Sony that could be a coo to have Atonine on board Kraven. 

The reason why Fuqua was brought-up as a potential Kraven director by the interviewer was because Antonine revealed during The Equalizer 2 press tour that Sony approached to him about directing their other Spider-Man spin-off Morbius.

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“As a kid I grew up with comic books. They talked to me about BLACK PANTHER years ago, way back in the day. There’s some reason they came up and they talked to me about at Sony, a Marvel character, Morbius [The Living Vampire]…that kinda came up. I don’t know, I have a thirteen-year-old son so I’m watching more of that again and it’s exciting to do that. I’d love to create a new one. Y’know, something that’s closer to what I get excited about.”

Interesting tidbit, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler voiced a desire to use Kraven The Hunter in the original film and Fuqua had once himself been involved to direct Black Panther ages ago.

Antonie recently circled-back to Universal Pictures’ new Scarface film.

Production and release dates for Kraven The Hunter are currently unknown as it’s only in the development phases.


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