Legends of Tomorrow 1×5 Fail Safe

Feb 22, 2016

A new comer’s look at the CW/DC Comic world. Warning: Spoilers about the future will follow.

This weeks Legends of Tomorrow episode was the most exciting one yet! With half the team stuck in a Russian prison, the Koshmar gulag, and the other half breaking them out. We see many internal conflicts and pairs of the team working together.  Last week’s Legends of Tomorrow brought the shed new light on CW/DC Comic book world, making a viewer like myself more invested in these characters. I’m on board, the team is on board, and we’re just getting started!legends-of-tomorrow-fail-safe-s1-e5-recap-in-depth-theories-easter-eggs-this-is-tri-851612

In the opening scene we see a hallucination The Flash cross-over, Stein is back in S.T.A.R. Labs with Cisco.  He’s impressed with Cisco’s work on the formula and almost informs his friend about how to stabilize the thermal core.  Thankfully, he realizes that it’s not real and refuses to give up the information to Dr. Vostok.  Stein is holding out well on his own, but we see throughout the episode that his connection to Jefferson provides insight to his real feelings of the situation.  At first it’s fear, that eventually morphs into the fear of being forgotten, or lost. Before Stein can abandon all hope, Jefferson has Kendra cut a message into his arm that then shows up on Stein’s, “We’re Coming”.  It’s wonderful that they’re able to get him the message, while saving Stein, Ray, Mick, and the timeline. I hope they expand on this connection that Stein and Jefferson have, especially since they’ve cemented their partnership. I love the court yard scene where Jefferson is telling Stein that he can over power her, “I know what a tough, old son of a bitch yScreen-Shot-2016-02-19-at-11.01.59-AM-1024x574ou can be,” they understand one another, and so do we!

The court yard scene had a prison riot; Dr. Vostok’s Firestorm; Leonard and Sara fighting a path for Jefferson; and the climatic moment when and Dr. Vostok explodes with nuclear power engulfing the entire prison!  I really wish that didn’t happen cause, she’s such a great villian. Stephanie Corneliussen did such a wonderful job portraying a crazy woman doctor, “Have you ever merged with a woman, Professor? I think we will make a wonderful Firestorm.” Editor’s note, catch Stephanie Corneliussen playing the elusive Joanna Wellick on Mr Robot

Ray and Mick are imprisoned together in Koshmar the “Nightmare Gulag”. Throughout this episode we see Ray keep his lighthearted personality; which is a wonderful trait to keep up moral, “Think they’ll bring us blankets later?” Mick however seems to shut down and is playing the ‘inmate game’ trying not to draw attention to himself.  Both methods are good in this situation, but we see Ray’s upbeat attitude doesn’t get him very far with the ‘top dog’ of the prisoners. When Mick grabs a lighter from another inmate, Ray seems to get a jolt of arrogance thinking that Mick is somehow going to help him out with the lighter (powers to throw flames?). But Mick doesn’t get involved with the disagreement, later telling Ray that “It was none of my business…besides, you had that beat down coming.”  Ray is a bit upset that his team mate didn’t aid him in the fight, explaining to Mick that they are supposed to be a team.  Mick protests with “the only team I’m on is mine and Snart’s”.  Where does this loyalty come from?  Getting to see the selfish side of Mick, demonstrates that he doesn’t trust many people.

Later we see Ray show off more of his ‘stupidity’, as Mick calls it; Ray takes a beating for his comrade. This is where we get to see Ray make the first ‘your momma’ joke on the show, “it’s nothing compared to what I did to your mother last night” he tells the guard. Out of all the characters its the most unexpected coming from Ray.  Mick is still in awe of his Ray’s selfless side; even after the first beating in the court yard, and after their disagreement, Ray continues to protect his friend. I think that Mick possibly used to be that way himself, but was emotionally hlegends-of-tomorrow-fail-safe-s1-e5-recap-review-in-depth-w-theories-easter-eggs-ray-851851urt too many times. Mick pesters Ray about willingly taking a beating for him, “You proved you make a great piñata. He could have beat
en you to death”

I have come to admire this trait in Ray, like Mick; he has solid core values, even though he’s a bit obnoxious sometimes. Ray still has a good heart and is willing to stand up for what he believes in. Mick learns from his time spent with Ray; someone is looking out for him for a change, and it’s not Leonard. Even when Leonard encourages Mick to leave Ray in the cell, he decides to take Ray with them, risking their easy escape.

Leonardrevsara-1024x576 and Sara are appointed the job of breaking into the gulag.  I really like this pairing, we get to see a softer side to Leonard. He’s worried about Mick, and he sort of beats up on Sara for perusing the fail-safe plan, “…Do it while your looking right into Stein’s eyes…I don’t want you to forget who were talking about”.  At the end of the episode we see Sara and Rip talking about how while back in the League of Assassins she would have been punished, possibly by death, for not following orders.  Rip says its was the strength to not follow through on them that made her a better person.  This may be an odd pairing and I would never expect Leonard to be the person who would help Sara find her humanity in that situation but it works.  Awe the softer side to these so called ‘criminals’.  Might we see a romantic relationship grow between Leonard and Sara in the future?  Ship name anyone?  I think that would make for an interesting relationship arc, they both have internal demons to fight, maybe they can help each other more than they think.

One of my favorite scenes so far in the series involving Rip was the steam room scene. I know we’ve seen him in fight scenes before, but he’s still lacking physical fighting skills. I was honestly glad that Leonard stepped back and stayed out of it.  Rip needs to start fighting his own fights.  The team can’t go out and save the world without their captain.

tumblr_o2rvnkHj2L1uhbffeo1_500At the end of the episode we see the crew celebrating their victory, Chronos attacks their ship. Knocking them out of the time travel, they crash land in 2046 in Star City.  As they all venture out to see where they are they encounter a man who is dressed as the Green Arrow. Sara and Ray are happy to see him, but that’s not Oliver Queen under the hood.

During this episode we got to see two cross overs on one show!  I thought the directors set the scenes up really nicely, to make the reference work, even though most go over my head. I am happy that they are bringing in some new characters and references from the past. It makes me feel like I would actually be able to carry a conversation with a devoted Arrow or The Flash watchers. Maybe not a long conversation, but at least something more than what normally happens; an awkward conversation about how I don’t watch those shows.

Tweet me your theories @prmiller20 !! Who is this new Green Arrow and what will happen to the crew on Legends of Tomorrow? We will find out more on Thursday!