Legends of Tomorrow: Blood Ties (1×03)

Feb 7, 2016


Another take on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow from a new viewer to the CW/DC Comics world.

Warning: SPOILERS will follow.

tumblr_o25jsyR4hO1qe17ono1_400At the top of this episode, “Blood Ties”, we observe Rip Hunter trying to kill Vandal Savage by himself. Then the show moves onto Rip and Sara teaming up to find Savage’s fortune and cut him off financially. Meanwhile, Jefferson, Mick, and Leonard go off to steal an emerald; Snart’s first attempt to change his family’s criminal fate. Ray and Professor Martin team up to get the blade shards out of Kendra’s blood stream. All crew members come together to attend a funeral for both Carter and Professor Boardman.

Sara Lance shows off her League of Assassins training, during the bank fight scene; we even see the monstrous side of her bloodlust appear. Her and Rip kidnap Mr. Blake, one of Savage’s followers. During the interrogation scene Sara finds out that Rip has tried and failed to kill Savage before. Rip is angry with himself for not being able to complete his own personal mission, “Your killing people doesn’t make you a monster, Sara. But having the chance to avenge your family and not taking it… That does.”  The two take part in both an intimate dance and discussion, about their own personal demons that haunt them, no matter how far in time they travel, “Well, for a monster, you dance quite gracefully, Ms. Lance” Rip says, making the smart ass comment trying to lighten the mood of their newly found connection. He explains to her that all she has to do is try to be better. Throughout the episode both tumblr_o26ty18udJ1v7wthso1_500characters struggle with their internal demons, and encourage one another to find the light. In the last fight scene we are shown that Sara has found some sort of self control and Rip finally follows through with killing Savage; temporarily. I believe that having the courage to kill Savage with his own hands momentarily makes Rip feel better. He then turns to see Sara stabbing Mr. Blake repeatedly! Nope. A quick shot change shows her stabbing the floor next to his head. A very aggressive display of control that borderlines on some monstrous behavior, but there’s still time for her character to evolve.

tumblr_o21y7hPAQ61uhbffeo3_250Mick and Leonard convince Jefferson to take them to the Central City Museum; “Come on, let’s take the ship out for spin.” Leonard steals a huge emerald, but has one more stop to make before completing a personal mission. Mick begins putting the pieces together while Leonard want’s to fix his dad’s mistake; thus creating a better life for the Snart family. Though, fate is a tricky thing to change and his efforts were wasted in the end. His dad still gets caught and sent to jail for trying to sell the emerald to an undercover cop. This again raises the question: Can you really change fate? Is the team be able to change Rip’s family’s destiny to die, or will fate win out? Leonard also mentions his sister during this episode. I hope we are able to meet her in the series. tumblr_o222x4bpOW1qllhdno1_250

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Ray has the idea to shrink down in his suit and go into Kendra’s blood stream to get rid of the shards of the dagger that threaten her life. Professor Martin is hesitant at first because of all the unknown variables. Ray loses confidence halfway through the mission, “I built the suit because I promised myself that night [the night his fiancé died] that I would never be powerless to save anyone again. When the fragment broke free and damaged my suit I panicked.”  Professor Martin builds him back up with the lie of remembering having him in his class and how gifted Ray was. Even though the memory may have been fake, we see that Professor Martin really does have faith in Ray. It’s fascinating to see two highly professional men interact and deal with these emotions. Though, they still butt heads when explaining their own contributions to saving Kendra’s life.

tumblr_o22vym3kKT1v6f173o2_250Sara and Rip find Savage’s ‘vessel’ and ceremony room. They find out that Savage has been sharing the powers of immortality to his loyal subjects; helping them live longer lives. Savage finds out that he kills Rip’s family and gloats about how he is going to enjoy meeting them. The viewers get to see a glimpse into his dark, disgusting soul and we begin to truly despise his character. Savage also tells Rip, “You have no idea what it’s like to have people willing to follow you up to the gates of hell!”  Savage’s line made me wonder if  he’s lonely being immortal, and if that’s why he entices people to become his followers? Rip replies that he actually does know what’s it like to not be alone on a mission as Mick, Leonard, and Jefferson show up to help them. Kendra’s hallucinations about Sara and Rip being in trouble prompted the other crew members to take action. Kendra’s hallucinations demonstrates how strong the bond between her, Carter, and Savage really is; it’s a ‘blood tie’. I hope they expand more on this ‘blood tie’ and how it works throughout the series. The feeling of team work is beginning to feel more genuine, and less cheesy or disjointed to me. They’re all beginning to connect and care for each others’ well-being.

The scene where they’re all standing around two newly filled graves, to say goodbye to both Carter and Professor Boardman, is absolutely beautiful. So far this is my favorite scene of the series. The trees, falling leaves, and the whole team standing together; Rip giving a eulogy.tumblr_o232ma6uzG1v6f173o1_250

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“The other day, I tried to find some words of inspiration. Words that would restore hope to us in the wake of our losses… but it is all of you who have inspired me. Beginning with Professor Boardman… and then with Carter. Their heroism is an inspiration to us all… And a reminder that one person acting alone can’t save the world.”

You see this team of people that the viewers are starting to become attached to, come together and realize that they need each other to be able to save the world. Now that I understand a little bit more about the CW/DC Comics universe, these character’s back stories are more relatable. I also thought the order in which the team left the funeral was of significance. First Sara, then Mick, Leonard and Jefferson, Kendra puts flowers down, then thanks Ray and Professor for saving her life. The Professor reiterates how proud Anna would have been and how proud he himself is of Ray, and they leave together. Rip is the last character to leave the funeral and return to the ship. Every character has their own reasons for being on this mission, but more importantly their own history that they would like to rewrite. In this episode the team dynamics grow stronger as they each relate to each others’ demons and found hope in one another. Back at the ship, Rip admits to the whole team that he has tried to kill Savage before, but failed because he did not have a team. He has now come to the realization that having a strong connected team, who will be there through thick and thin, is the only way he will be able to vanquish Savage. “…there is no point in us continuing any further. Unless we all – and myself included – committed to working in concert.” Leonard chimes in speaking for the whole group, “You don’t ditch us, we wont ditch you. Deal?” a surprising remark coming from him.

Once the deal is made, Gideon informs them that the next possible place in time that Savage could be is in 1986. “Better break out your parachute pants” Ray says. Each new era they go to I hope to see the writers’ interpretation of that time in history; wardrobe, setting, and the actors/actresses chosen to play the parts of historical figures. I hope the 80’s are just as exciting as 70’s with this motley crew. We will see next Thursday, February 11th on the CW.

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