Legends of Tomorrow – Leviathan (1×13)

May 3, 2016

So much has happened since my last review! But I’m just going to stay focused on the episode at hand “Leviathan”.  I hope you enjoy a perspective from a new viewer to the DC/CW Universe.

Warning: Spoilers will follow!

IMG_0670As a note before I really dive into the episode; I love how Mick’s character has developed. He still has his humor, which is my favorite part of his character, but he is not just a dumb, flame throwing goon anymore. He has smarts now that really add to the team dynamic, and he is able to contribute more to the plans that the teams make. I also hope that we get to see more of him in action.

The biggest shocker this episode was that Savage has a daughter. Snart took it upon himself to get information out of her when she was being held captive. I don’t think Snart tried very hard to get any information, but I also knew that he would have to use a different method to deal with someone who has a father like Savage. Without the video footage from 2046 that Giddeon had, he wouldn’t have been successful in persuading her that her father was the monster that he is. Honestly, I was a bit shocked that she switched teams so quickly; it makes me wonder if we are going to see her admit to being ‘undercover’ for her father later. Cassandra’s existence also brings up many other questions that I would like the answers to; who would marry/reproduce with a man like Savage? Was it out of necessity or romance?

fc1a3d5ebfd3f6895cb479d1b61ed886At the end of the episode we find out that Carter is alive in the 2166 time line, which throws a wrench into Kendra’s feelings and current plans with Ray. Fate has always threatened Kendra’s relationship with Ray, and I am happy that she tried to not let fate affect her judgment, but I am jumping off this #KendRay ship. I was hoping that Kendra was going to stick with her guns and fight for her relationship with Ray, but as soon as Carter shows up again it seems she is going to give up fast.

Overall I think Kendra needs to take a step back from the men in her life. She told Ray in the last episode about meeting herself from one of her past lives; that she was warned that her relationship with anyone other than Carter will end in heart break or death. Throughout this episode she seems to be trying to convince herself that Carter is her past and Ray is her future, and I don’t like that. It seems to be a difficult conscious decision for her to be with Ray, and I don’t believe that is how the relationship should be right now. I mean, she did just get engaged to the guy! She is struggling with the warning that came from her past life self and the emotional flashbacks she is having of Carter.IMG_0753 This also shows that she is losing sight of the differences between fate and destiny, as well as her choice to not let fate win out.  So, I think Kendra’s love life is going to explode in the next couple of episodes, which will be a well needed break from dead-beaten horse of the issues she is having.

I was not surprised when Kendra didn’t enter the ‘Olympics of murder’ to kill Savage. Her discussion with Mick while she was melting the bracelet over the mace was shamelessly foreshadowing the fact that she wouldn’t be able to go through with it. Yes, I know she did it to save Carter’s captured mind. Also, by not killing Savage, she gave up the chance to save Rip’s family. I wonder what emotions we are going to see from Rip towards Kendra, being that she made the decision to not kill Savage.

IMG_0682The word leviathan is defined most commonly as a large aquatic creature (sea monster). The robot designers did a wonderful job, of nodding to the aquatic side of the definition, with the colors and overall look. I also thought they also did a great job of keeping the camera shots low to the ground during the fight. It made it feel as though the viewers were a human running around trying not to get squashed by these two giant figures engaging in combat.

When Ray reversed his ATOM suit, enlarging himself to fight the Leviathan, all I could think about was Pacific Rim. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the idea of this, but I was just a little thrown that it actually worked. Also, there are other issues at hand since this experiment was a success. Savage has already used the ATOM suit to build an army during the years when Per Degaton was a child. I feel like if they don’t kill Savage now, he will somehow use the new knowledge of the ATOM suit’s abilities to conquer the world in a different irrefutable way.

“It’s a funny feeling knowing the universe itself doesn’t want you to save your family.” – Rip

28-legends-tomorrow.w529.h352Rip and Ray have conversations this episode that cement the overlying theme throughout this entire series; fate verses destiny. Rip believes that it is fate taking his family from him, and no matter what choices he makes to try to change his destiny, fate will always win. Later Ray admits that he doesn’t believe in fate, only in the choices that are made. Rip reiterates his belief in fate when he states that he believes that fate is what made him chose the team. There is such a fine line between fate and destiny, even in reality. For myself, I always have to look up the definitions to remember which one is which. I believe that Rip and Ray are both correct. I believe that there is always a mixture of fate and destiny in any decision that is made. We can make choices that change our destiny, it may take time to change ones destiny, but changing destiny in turn changes our fates.

IMG_0742The ending scene where Rip and Savage are talking to one another gave me chills. Rip finally realizes there is still hope for his family (he is finally seeing the changes he is making in his own destiny), and that time may still be on his side, “recently a friend suggested that there is no such thing as fate, that destiny is just a sum of our own choices.” The filming was really great during this scene too; we got to see the reflection of Savages face in the glass between himself and Rip. Makes me wonder if we are going to see a darker side of Rip before this is all over. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next episode!
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