Lenovo Announces New Online Game Store – Launching on Cyber Monday

Nov 20, 2018


Good news for gamers: Lenovo is launching their own online store for video games and their own hardware. According to the press release (below), exclusives will eventually come to the platform. It’s unclear if those exclusives will be timed, such as the recent release of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, which was exclusive to GOG for a brief period. Notably, developer CD Projekt Red (CDPR) recently called out GOG’s reach as being “incomparably smaller than that of Steam.” It’s plausible large publishers like CDPR, Activision, Ubisoft and EA will have concern over this new Lenovo platform.

Regardless, this is great news for gamers who prefer to download their games digitally. More online stores, specifically one backed by the largest computer manufacturer in the word, means more competition - leading to discounts across the board.

What helps the platform standout is the hardware component. Lenovo will also be selling their stellar gaming rigs there as well - opening up the likelihood of bundling games with hardware. These rigs come with Lenovo Vantage pre-installed, and the game store will be baked into it. Lenovo Vantage is a rather useful and user-friendly tool for adjusting the lighting of Lenovo’s rigs and accessories.

The Legion Game Store will be available online in the U.S., starting November 26 on Cyber Monday, with plans to expand on exclusive content and offers. Users will have access to a full catalog of over 200 PC games including Fallout 76, Battlefield V, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, etc via game code promotions and deals.

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Original press release follows.


Lenovo Launches New Legion Game Store Online

Integration with Lenovo Vantage makes it a Breeze to Discover Exclusive Deals on PC games
Close to 71 percent of PC gamers prefer digitally downloaded games to physical copies according to a
recent study. When taking a deeper dive into these numbers and listening to feedback from our gaming
community, we knew the time was ripe for us to expand from providing high-performance Lenovo Legion
gaming hardware to adding a digital gaming platform. Today, we’re taking the next step into PC content
and e-commerce with the announcement of the new Legion Game Store – offering gamers a new way to
buy the latest PC releases alongside their favorite classics directly from Lenovo in one convenient, online

The Legion Game Store is a web-based e-commerce site that offers a robust catalog of more than 200 of
the latest and greatest PC games including hit new titles such as Fallout® 76 and Battlefield V, and
some of the best indie discoveries like Dead Cells and Frostpunk. We’ve partnered directly with a
variety of publishers, allowing for a myriad of discounts and exclusives not available to other retailers.
Unlike other digital download services, the Legion Game Store will have a regimented screening process
that only allows fully developed or closed beta titles onto the platform. We know gamers can get
frustrated with having to pay for half-finished, half-hearted demos, and we want to help put an end to that.
Better yet, the Legion Game Store is integrated into Lenovo Vantage, our one-stop PC application
supporting system updates, health and support capabilities available to all Windows 10 PCs including
those by Lenovo Legion. On Lenovo Legion PCs, Lenovo Vantage comes with features designed
specifically for gamers, from overclocking your CPU and RAM, to full customization of the chassis lighting
design. By adding the Legion Game Store to Lenovo Vantage, we’re empowering gamers by offering less
clutter and more control to easily discover exclusive deals on game titles. Unlike other platforms which
require separate applications, the integration of the Legion Game Store with Lenovo Vantage makes it a
seamless experience to discover and buy without downloading a third party application.

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With the announcement of our latest Lenovo Legion gaming PCs earlier this year and the new rollout of
the Legion Game Store, we’re connecting our gaming hardware with greater accessibility to content –
with the goal of providing our gaming community a seamless, high-performance and fun experience.
The Legion Game Store will be available online in the U.S. online here, starting November 26 on Cyber
Monday, with plans to expand on exclusive content and offers. For more information about Lenovo Legion
visit our gaming page or YouTube channel.

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