Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Devil in the White City’ Will Now Become a Hulu TV Series

Feb 11, 2019

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Devil in the White City’ adaptation is going from a film to a TV series.

Erik Larson’s famous nonfiction thriller will be developing at Hulu with Paramount Television.

The premise is below:

“The chilling true story of two men, an architect and a serial killer, whose fates were forever linked by The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. Each embodying American ingenuity at the dawn of the 20th century — Daniel H. Burnham, a brilliant and fastidious architect racing to make his mark on the world and Henry H. Holmes, a handsome and cunning doctor who fashioned his own pharmaceutical “Murder Castle” on fair grounds — a palace built to seduce, torture and mutilate young women.”

Since 2003, the book has been trying to get an adaptation. First, Warner Bros. originally had the rights, but Paramount got them later. However, the rights lapsed at Paramount in 2004 and again in 2007. This was due to budgetary obstacles at hand from the period setting. Also, Tom Cruise was planning on starring and producing a different take on the novel. Meanwhile, Kathryn Bigelow was going to direct and produce her own version sometime after. Finally, in 2010, DiCaprio, got the rights all to himself, as a fan of the dark subject matter.

Further, there are not many details on this series. We do not know if DiCaprio will star in the series as originally planned in Scorsese’s film adaptation. We also do not know if Scorsese will helm any episodes, but him directing the pilot is possible.

Hopefully we get more details soon!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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