Loot Crate “Invasion” Box is out of this world!

Jan 23, 2016


This month’s Loot Crate’s theme is “Invasion” and features items from Space Invaders, The Fifth Element, and The X-Files.

This month features a shirt and a plush you can’t find anywhere else, plus three other exclusives. Six items, five exclusive, plus a new style of pin that comes with bonus content! It’s… unworldly.

If you are interested in just seeing the unboxing, check out our video below:

2016-01-23 17.21.56

Loot Crate’s “Invasion” theme included:

  • X-Files – The Day has Come T-Shirt (Threadless)
  • Alien Facehugger Plush (KidRobot)
  • Space Invaders Vinyl Figure (A Crowded Coop)
  • The Fifth Element Prop Replica Multi Pass (QMx)
  • Mini Prints (QMx)
    • The Day The Earth Stood Still
    • The War of the Worlds
  • X-Files LED Flashlight (Loot Crate Labs)
  • NEW January 2016 Loot Pin

Facehugger Plus: T2016-01-23 17.23.22he Facehugger plush is pretty adorable. It comes with a rubber band, so you can strap it to your face like it’s literally hugging your 2016-01-23 17.22.52face. Leave it to Kidrobot to turn something so vicious and carnivorous into something so cute. I love this one. I think it’s an awesome photo prop as well.

X-Files shirt: I am a fan of X-Files, have been for years. I remember watching the original series with my mom so I’m glad the show is coming back. I love the design on the t-shirt, it was the winning design from artist Francis Minoza.

X-Files Flashlight: I couldn’t imagine another tv series being a better fit to have their name on a flashlight than X-Files. It’s perfect really. This thing is compact size, water-resistant and with batteries included.

Space Invaders Figure: The Space Invaders Vinyl Figure is basically like a 3D Space Invader from the original game. This one brings back memories of playing the classic game as a kid. The vinyl figure is a bit transparent. There are three different colors that looters can receive, I got the one orange one. This is another nice little vinyl figure to add to the shelf.

Fifth Element Multi Pass: My favorite item was the Fifth Element Prop Replica Multi Pass. When they mentioned Fifth Element, I was not expecting something like this at all but I love it. Also, a nice item to have for cosplayers. It included a plastic sleeve as well, in case you wanted to use it to carry your personal ID.

2016-01-23 17.22.192016-01-23 17.23.10

January Pin: This month’s Pin is different from the previous versions. Beginning this month, Each pin unlocks something “epic” and can be redeemed by going to lootcrate.com/pins. This month’s unlockable is comic Letter 44 Issue 1 free via Comixology. I thought that was a nice addition to the monthly crates. I admit, I have never heard of Letter 44 prior to this but I’ll give it a read.

2016-01-23 17.22.07Mini Prints: There are two prints included in the crate, one features The Day The Earth Stood Still and the other The World of the Worlds. I like both designs. The prints are 9×6. I’ll have to find some space on the wall for them.

The crate also came with a booklet (not pictured). Besides a description of each item, the box also features a “How to Survive an Alien Invasion” guide as well as a cheat sheet to catch up on the X-Files series before the premiere of the new season.

Speaking of the new season, who is excited for the new episode airing tomorrow?

I feel like this crate was a bit of a nostalgia trip, its one of the reasons why I love it. Everything featured was from the 90s or earlier. I think some of the younger looters may not find this month’s crate as appealing but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed all of it really. I think the Multi Pass and the Facehugger plush are what made this crate an instant win.



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