Loot Pets “Invasion” Review!

Jan 30, 2016


Here we are with the second box to come from Loot Crate’s newest concept, “Loot Pets”.
Loot Pets is a monthly mystery crate for pets and the people that love them, delivering apparel, accessories, toys, treats* and more. You get a $50+** value in every crate! In addition, we help pets in need by donating $1 from each subscription purchase to local and national pet charities.
This month’s theme is Invasion!

If you are only interested in the unboxing video, check out our video here:


2016-01-23 17.15.09

  • X-Files T-Shirt (Matching the Loot Crate Shirt)
  • Invasion of the Sweet Potato Crisps treats
  • Space Invaders Pet Leash
  • Battlestar Galactica Flying Disc2016-01-23 17.15.30
  • Pet Tag

Neither of our dogs at home are into Frisbees but this is still a cool concept for the outdoor-friendly dogs. It’s made of rubber and very flexible.

The Space Invaders leash is easily my favorite item. It features the pixel characters from the game of Space Invaders printed along the leash. It is also very sturdy. The Magenta, Cyan and green colors used on the leash are what really make it stand out. I guess I’m just used to having a simple red leash for my dogs in the past but now I can ditch it for this flashy one.

The Sweet Potato Crisps were a hit for both of my dogs. They loved them. The best part about it, is that the ingredients are only made up of Sweet Potato and Rice Flour. These treats are 2016-01-23 17.15.18also made directly at the Loot Crate offices in California.

The X-Files shirt features the same t-shirt design featured in this month’s Loot Crate box. This was a winning design from artist Francis Minoza. As I mentioned in the first Loot Pets box which debuted last month, matching adult and dog shirts are the most adorable thing ever.2016-01-23 17.15.22

I can’t get enough of these pet greats. They are great little goodies for our furry loved ones to enjoy. They may not enjoy having a matching shirt as much as I do though. 😉

Even if you find that your pet at home isn’t interested in a specific item, these items are also great gifts for relatives pets as well. You can also donate the item at your local pet shelter.

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