Lost Magic Season 2 Review

Jun 17, 2022

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Lost Magic

The world-building and character development continue to grow. As we travel back to the Kingdom of Abuul, Season 2 of Lost Magic is bursting with… Magic. Tension is running high in the Kingdom and the Rebels are growing bolder, with six episodes and new amazing characters let’s see what the latest installment of Lost Magic holds.  

Submarine Treehouse

Written by: Arman Nasim
Art by: Martin Munoz
Colors by: Michael Woods
Lettering by: Arman Nasim

The Magic Continues

As with the first issue, this one is divided into six episodes/chapters. The storytelling of Lost Magic feels like it is hitting you from all sides. With the introduction of each new character the world grows, and you get to experience it from that character’s point of view. What essentially this feels like for me is the world-building in Game of Thrones. What makes this exciting is the fact that this is the start of so many individual journeys that you lose yourself in what might be. How and where all of this will tie into the main story and what fate might have installed for these characters.

The thing is as with all stories, you will have the characters that you enjoy the one or two that bind you, and you will have the ones that you dislike. However, as far as Lost Magic goes I have yet to come across a character that I can say I really don’t like. What Arman does brilliantly is character development as you find yourself attached to each character. So much so that when you finished the section that the character is portrayed in you want to jump and scream cause it leaves you wanting more.

Art and Style

The art for this book is special. It is something out of the ordinary, it complements the story and takes it to new heights. Truly mesmerizing and you find yourself staring at the page long after you finished reading it. It creates and builds layer upon layer breaking into your imagination and creating this wonderful world filled with magic.

Final Thought

Yes, I know this is not your typical review explaining the plot or the story. But there is a good reason for this. Lost magic is something that you need to experience on your own to truly understand the magic that it holds. It might at times feel overwhelming and confusing, to be honest. And you might feel that the world is expanding too quickly, but you will find yourself at the end of the book and realize this is one amazing story. But for the journey to continue please lend your support for this amazing book on Kickstarter.

Lost Magic is a journey of a lifetime.

Score: 9  

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