Lost Magic Season 3 – Blackest Night

Jun 20, 2022

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Lost Magic the fantasy-horror comic from Arman Nasim continues with season 3. Magic is dying in the Kingdom of Abuul and not everything is as it seems to be. Deception seems to take the forefront in the latest issue.

Submarine Treehouse

Written by: Arman Nasim
Art by: Martin Munoz
Colors by: Michael Woods
Lettering by: Arman Nasim

A tale of Fantasy

In the latest issue, it seems that character introductions are pushed back, and we get a deeper look into the world of Abuul and some of the history that surrounds this mysterious place. Blackest Night follows a certain event that by the sound of it took place centuries ago. The event was so powerful that it still creates shockwaves every couple of years. So that all would remember the tremendous power of the Ancients.  The Kingdom is in a mess. Warriors and adventures seek allies and items that could assist them in the coming battle. But deception is all around and they can’t seem to trust anyone or in anything.

Art and Style of Lost magic

Martin Munoz manages to captivate the imagination with the latest issue. He perfectly creates the uneasy feeling one would expect from a fantasy-horror story. He creates a world where you can perfectly imagine the horrors that the forest might hold but still manages to create hope. The hope that there is a light at the end of this dark and eerie tunnel. The art for these books still remains one of its strongest points.

Final Thoughts

Lost Magic is a tremendously excellent adventure. The thing for me with Lost Magic is that I re-read the previous issues as the fear that I might miss or forget a detail is overwhelming. This is a fantasy that you could easily lose yourself in and it feels like a well-deserved break from reality. However, this is a great big world that is being created here with many intriguing characters and awe-inspiring locations, so much so that you could easily lose track. However, if you keep track of the events and the stories you will find yourself counting down the days to the next issue.

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Score: 9.5

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