Marvel Collector Corps – Secret Wars Review

Aug 26, 2015


The August Marvel Collector Corps box has arrived and is one of the more impressive subscription boxes that I have gotten my hands on. In case you have been living under a rock, Marvel Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription box from Marvel and Funko guaranteed to feature 100% exclusive items. The Box is about $25 plus shipping and promises $50 in value in return.


This month’s theme is Secret Wars and features Jane Foster’s Thor on the box. The items included are:miles

  • Pop! Marvel #98 - Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
  • Pop! Marvel #97 - Thor (Secret Wars)
  • Secret Wars #1 - MCC Thor Funk Pop Variant Cover
  • Sam Wilson (Captain America) Secret Wars Patch
  • Superior Iron-Man Secret Wars Pin
  • Secret Wars Shirt featuring Superior Iron-Man, Thor, Sam Wilson & Miles Morales drawn as Pop! figures

This is only the third box Marvel Collector Corps has released but so far this is the best one yet, specifically because it features not only one but two exclusive Pop figures. For the Pop! Collectors out there, this is a big win. As a Marvel Pop collector myself, one minor thing I didn’t care for is the generic red & black sticker featured on the boxes. June’s Ant-Man Pop featured an exclusive sticker which also said “Marvel Collector Corps | Funko’s smallest bobblehead”. The Pops, themselves, are gorgeous and well designed!

Have you seen this:

thorThe shirt is very comfortable. One thing I found interesting about the shirt is that it features an image of four Pop figures, two of which were just released but the other two, Iron-Man and Sam Wilson, have yet to debut. Does this mean we could be seeing them in vinyl form in the future? I would hope so. Superior Iron-Man, although it only lasted 9 issues, has been one of my favorite runs this year.

The issue that is included is Secret Wars #1. The issue that started it all. I already have 3 other SW #1 variant covers so the Jane Foster (Thor) variant is definitely a bonus.

If you have yet to sign for Marvel Collector Corps, are a fan but still on the fence then I suggest purchasing one box before renewing. You will not be disappointed. A common question that is asked when it comes to subscription boxes is, “Well, do I get my money’s worth?” Or “Is it worth it?” Absolutely. As I mentioned previously, these are 100% exclusive items. Also, If the standard box is $25 and a shirt, such as the one, costs about $20 then this alone nearly matches the cost. Now if we include even one of the Pop figures, Miles Morales is  currently going on eBay for a starting price of $30 and in time will only increase in value. Personally, I could never pry away from these amazing exclusives, I expect they will be locked in my vault for good.

Have you seen this:
John romita Jr. Returns to Marvel Comics

Marvel Collector Corps has really set the standard for subscription box services. I was really pleased by this month’s shipment, making them three-for-three in my book.


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