Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery: Deadpool Ice Edition PVC Figure Review

May 23, 2018

Next up on the Marvel Gallery line comes the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool! This version of Deadpool is leaping from an icy whirlwind as he wields his signature dual sais. With Deadpool 2 taking over the Box Office, it’s only right we get our hands on this epic 9” scale statue. The statue is sculpted by Jean St. Jean, the mastermind behind some brilliant statues and figures both from DC and Marvel.

The pose is great and one of my favorite aspects of the statue. It depicts Deadpool lunging forward into god knows what kind of trouble. His arms are placed behind him, and as previously mentioned holding a sai in each hand. DP also comes equipped with two swords sheathed on his back. Although, we’ve known Deadpool to be a bit of a goofball, this version is no joke. Deadpools serious expression says it all. Someone must have taken the last Chimichanga and now the someone has to pay. The statue is perfectly balanced. Sturdy yet lightweight.┬áThe paint work is impressive and extremely detailed. It’s eye catching on a shelf as a stand alone or paired among your hoard of Marvel Select figures. Deadpool, of course, is wearing his signature red and black costume. The black areas have a mild tint of blue, which reminds me of the days of early 90’s Deadpool comics. He also comes accompanied with a brown belt, complete with a Deadpool emblem belt buckle and a brown leg strap. None of his accessories are movable. The swords aren’t interchangeable with the sais but I didn’t see this as a problem especially since lately I’ve feel like DP hasn’t been representing the sais quite like he used to.

One of the things I have to mention is the packaging, especially with the Marvel Selects PVC line which comes with a large window on each box allowing you to preview the statue in all it’s glory. What you see is what you get. There is no cruel deception where you go home, open the box and the statue turns out to be something completely different.

For the price of these figures, you really can’t beat what Diamond Select is doing with their Marvel Gallery PVC line. This is a statue that is going for around $40 and easily feels worth at least $100. I would highly recommend picking this one up while you can. If you are looking to collect, or are into statues but don’t want to break the bank, this is one I wouldn’t sleep on.

There are different variations of this statue available. This one specifically is the Ice version, referencing the icy whirwind below his feet. There is also the regular version, which is the “fiery” standard version as well as a Blue X-Men Costume version.

Marvel Gallery’s X-23 is next on my radar! Stay tuned for that one folks. From the looks of what Diamond Select has teased, that one is going to be a beaut.

I give this statue, 9 out of 10 Chimichangas.

Check out our full gallery below.

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