Marvel Gallery Spider-Woman PVC Diorama Review

Apr 13, 2018

Secret agent, superhuman Jessica Drew is one of the more unique characters to come from the pages of Marvel comics. Injected with the blood of arachnids to save her life as a child Jessica was imbibed with powers and quickly became a staple of the Marvel universe through her many adventures and affiliations. Drew is a stunning figure and is as beautiful as she is dangerous, and this statue from Diamond Select embodies almost everything that makes this character cool.

The Marvel Gallery Spider-Woman figure stands 8 inches tall as she strikes a dynamic pose ready to take down her foes with her signature bio-electric blasts. The statue sits upon, a base fashioned to looks like a spider’s web and includes Drew’s signature hourglass logo. The bast features its own sculpting and paintwork, which perfectly complements the statue making the who piece really come together. It’s always a plus when the base of a statue is given the proper attention and detail and matches the figure that it holds.

Starting at the top with the head sculpt Drew’s hair is what immediately catches the eye, it big, flowing, layered and seems to move with the swing of her head. It’s the most interesting and intricate part of the head sculpt as the rest is a bit uneventful. Spider-Woman’s expression is surprisingly blank considering she is about to do some serious damage to her foes. She does have some minor lines on her face that give it some humanity but a light smirk or smile would have really elevated her blank expression. The midsection holds most of the intriguing details as we follow the lines of her suit to the signature logo on her chest. We also get the cool webbing in her underarms that seems to be a key feature of almost every spider-esque character in the Marvel universe. Her arms are posed ready to strike as each holds a bio-electric blast ready to annihilate her enemies. These are definitely the coolest part of the statue as they immediately draw the eye and make Drew look like a total badass.

The bottom half of the statue is pretty uneventful outside of the famous Spider-Woman posterior which is accentuated by the bent knee, arched back pose she is making. I did find a minor flaw in the bottom half of the statue as there appears to be a crack where her thigh meets her crotch. It appears to be a damaged portion that may be unique to the piece I received by none the less it’s very unappealing and an unfortunate mistake. The base as mentioned above is designed to resemble a spider’s web and includes the Spider-Woman symbol at its center.

The Marvel Gallery Spider-Woman PVC Diorama is a great statue for fans of Drew with its vivacious curves and powerful attitude. The S shape her body makes really accentuates her slender, sexy body style while her action pose indicating her eagerness to snuff of villainy shows she is a worthy Avenger. The paint scheme is perfect and despite a minor flaw in the leg, the sculpt itself is a joy to look at and will make an excellent addition to every fan’s shelf. Spider-Woman fans this will be a hard statue to pass up as it embodies everything that is cool about Jessica Drew and will seduce you into a purchase.

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