Marvel Heroes Made Me A Better Marvel Fan

Aug 24, 2015

I have always had a love for Marvel and superheroes whether it was from a cartoon, movies or toys, but sadly, I never really did get into “comic books.” There were so many different ones to pick from, and I never started a story. I always just had random issues and never a complete storyline.

This always drove me nuts as a kid, and it never felt like something I needed. Now lets fast forward to the middle of last year when I was investing a lot of my time into cosplay and was introduced to the amazing people from GWW. I thought, “these guys and gals loved their heroes and everyone read comics!”

Was it the constant conversations between members that made me want to pick up different issues of comics? The answer is simply no. Everett talking about the Spider Verse event did get me excited from time to time, but that wasn’t what made me want to dive into comic after comic.

Everett and several other members of GWW loved and played Gazillions hit game Marvel Heroes 2015, and they urged me to play with them. I love video games – always have always will. So, when you tell me that there is a game in existence that plays like Runescape, but it was more fun and is all about Marvel, there is no need to say more! I used to love to play Runescape, and so, I knew that this would soon become an incredibly fun addiction.

This game had it all! Every character I had heard of, and a list of some, I had not heard of. Each character was unique with special costumes, items, powers, and even dialogue between characters. The more I played and leveled up characters the more I wanted to know about each character. Then instead of pointless loading screens they would put facts about heroes and their comics!

Cable and Emma Frozt With every new hero I unlocked and leveled to 60, it sparked more interest in me. I could not get enough of each of these amazing characters and had to find out more about them! I watched YouTube videos telling me facts, found movies on Netflix, and started getting my hands on every comic I could find in the Tri-state area.

In this last year, I have watched, read, and learned more about these characters I grew up with and now love them even more than I ever did before. Marvel Heroes did what nothing else had done yet for me, it has opened my eyes to new characters like Squirrel Girl and Doctor strange and taught me things about Cyclops and Rocket that I never knew before!

All dem Iron MansBy playing this incredible MMO I feel like I have become a bigger and ultimately a better fan of all things Marvel, and it has sparked a hunger for more and more. And I only have Gaz (and Everett, I guess) to thank for that! If you have never played Marvel Heroes 2015 or if you played it when it first started and haven’t given it another chance I highly recommend it.

With new additions like Achievements, Team Up 2.0 and the great 52 reviews that have come out lately, there has never been a better time to join. I can not thank MH and GWW enough for opening the doors to learning more and growing my passion for the Marvel universe.

If you are like how I used to be and are not a comic book aficionado but want to learn more and find a fun way of doing it, I would give this game a shot! Now I have to get back to “prestiging” Ant-man and building his helmet for an upcoming cosplay! If you see me online, feel free to add me in game. My username is InvictusCosplay.

What sort of impact has Marvel Heroes had on you? Let us know in the comments below!