Marvel Studios rolls out Civil War viral marketing campaign

Apr 24, 2016

Marvel Studio’s has rolled out a pretty well done piece of viral marketing to get fan’s ready for Civil War, in the form of the WHIH news report seen above. The report features a nice call back in the form of reporter: Christine Everhart played by Leslie Bibbs who you may recognize from the first Iron Man from her one night stand with Tony Stark as well as other MCU film’s. The clip see’s Everhart debating the collateral damage of all the Avengers previous actions with political correspondent: Will Adam’s played by the Daily Show’s Al Madrigal.

christineeverhartcomics2There is a lot of thing’s to love about Marvel’s roll out of Captain America: Civil War. First off I applaud their choice to use fictional reporters and news stations in the MCU, rather than pay people like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper of CNN big money to make brief and unsettling cameo’s.  Perhaps the better triumph isMarvel’s choice to adapt and cultivate even the smallest characters from their comics such as Christine Everhart, who was not a character created for the MCU but rather one pulled straight from the comics.

Also you have to love these call back’s leading up to Civil War. Not just in Chritine Everhart, but the choice to call back to Black Widow’s testimony on Capitol Hill as seen in the video or the use of the once forgotten General Thunderbolt Ross played by William Hurt as integral part of Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6th!

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(Source: /FILM)

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