Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger S01XE03 Review

Jun 10, 2018

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

Season 1 Episode 3 “Stained Glass”

Before I start my review for the third episode of this wonderful show, I just want to give my opinion of the show so far. If you know me, you know that I have been getting worn out with superhero shows. There seems to be a new one every other month and they are nearly all the same. The Cloak & Dagger came out, and wow! Firstly, it starts out completely different than any other comic book based program out there. Then, instead of taking the normal origin story route, we get a show where we get to grow and learn with the characters. Maybe Marvel does its best work with the little-known products. Whatever it is, I am loving this ride. But on to episode three!

As we know from the previous episode, Detective O’Reilly is after Tandy because of her possible involvement in a case. It is impossible to imagine what it must be like to be running from the cops, trying to get used to new superpowers, and have to deal with the not so best of family circumstances. Tandy’s actress, 20-year-old Olivia Holt plays the perfect blend of angst-ridden teen and scared kid. As an adult watching this show, there are times I want to sit her down and make her talk about what is going on, but I also can relate to her. Thankfully for her, she does not have to go through this alone.

While Cloak & Dagger are still Tandy and Tyrone, the two are both trying to figure things out in their own way. Tyrone, feeling like he is cursed, is willing to look for answers by any means necessary. This means even accepting possible help from Evita, a tour guide, and her aunt, a voodoo priestess. Plot lines like this use the location of the show, Louisiana, to their advantage. Steeped in a deep history of the occult, Louisiana makes you believe in the supernatural. If Evita’s aunt is the real deal is not for me to say, but if I were sitting across the table from her, I would believe.

I do not like reviews that give spoilers, so my aim is to avoid giving them in mine. I will say this if you are not watching Cloak & Dagger you need to start. If you are a fan of comic books and superheroes, you will really enjoy having another show to add to your collection. If you are not a fan of the genre, or like me are getting worn out from it, you will also dig this show. It does not rush into the action like so many other shows do, it sacrifices the spectacle for the story and character growth. Even in episode three, we are still learning who Tandy and Tyrone are and how they will become Cloak & Dagger. And if you are a fan of action and special effects, just wait, both are right around the corner in spades!

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