Mashbone & Grifty #1 Review

Sep 21, 2018

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Mashbone & Grifty #1
5 MEATS Comics

Art and Stroy: Oscar Garza
Edit and Story: Roland Esquivel

Mashbone & Grifty is a cheesy and fun adventure deeply rooted in Latix culture from indie newcomer 5 MEATS Comics. The adventure starts with Mashbone and Grifty drinking and lamenting about their new detective agency. The men quickly realize they will have to get creative in order to avoid getting beat up and pay their bar tab. Right as this occurs the men are met with a new potential client whose “cock” was stolen. After finally understanding the man means rooster the team is off.

This adventure is a cooky adult comedy laced with childish puns. Garza and Esquivel’s dialogue often reminds me of things my own Mexican uncles would joke about – heavy accent included. The two lead mains are bumbling idiots with the detective prowess of Burt Macklin from Parks and Recreation. The story can feel a bit cheesy and lays into a few stereotypes.

Garza’s art fits the cartoonish style of the book story and overall theme. The coloring is in black and white but the shading is well done. In addition, there are moments where they lettering can be wonky and the comic leans toward being too monologue heavy the overall product is a quality indie comic.

This comic is not my normal style but I enjoyed it as much as I did because of it Latix touches. If you are looking for a light-hearted read or something representative of Hispanic Heritage Month I recommend picking up issues 1 and 2 which are currently available online. The third installment will be coming out later in December. In addition, the team also offers Latinx inspired t-shirts with 50% of the proceeds going toward RAICES Texas from now until October 15, 2018.


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