Mass Effect: Foundation #10 (Dark Horse)

Apr 15, 2014

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Mass Effect: Foundation #10

Writer: Mac WaltersMasseffect

Artist: Tony Parker

With every new issue, Mass Effect: Foundation continues to provide readers with exceptional insight into some of the characters of Mass Effect, while punching us in the face with sensational, explosive action. This issue delivers all that same goodness with the surreptitious and enigmatic master thief Kasumi Goto. Those who played Mass Effect 2 may already know Kasumi’s heartbreaking back story, but Foundation allows us to see how she found herself in the situation that ultimately lead her to work with Cerberus.

Instead of continuing the normal storyline of Cerberus and its enemies – both fighting for the body of Commander Shepard – this issue focuses strictly on Kasumi. Seeing Kasumi stealthily execute her plan with precision while staying one step ahead of her foes, was a breathtaking. Her character is done a great credit in a way that we never got to see from the video game series. However, I find it odd that writer Mac Walters would choose this portion of Kasumi’s story. We already knew what happened, as it was explained to us in Mass Effect 2. So part of this story feels like revisiting history, which is unfortunate, because I have to believe that there is more to Kasumi’s story than this. Tony Parker’s art work is impressive and I love how the architecture and vibrant world of Mass Effect is realized with every issue in this series.

Despite its flaws, I think there are more good notes than bad ones. I look forward to seeing if Kasumi will be used more or if this issue was just a simple nod to her character. I hope not, because her character has great potential to be a major player in the over-arching plot in Mass Effect: Foundation.

Review by: Jeff Gordon