Meet the Cast of The Crow 2024: Stars, Roles, and Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Jun 9, 2024

Cast of The Crow 2024: Stars and Roles Revealed

“The Crow” is a well-known and loved classic movie. The new 2024 movie gives Eric Draven’s story a fresh start. This article will talk about the people who are in “The Crow 2024.” Find out who is in the movie, what their roles are, and what you can expect from it. The movie tries to be true to the original while also adding new things.

Who is playing The Crow in 2024?

Bill Skarsgård and FKA twigs in The Crow (2024)

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Movies

Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven

In the new Crow movie, Bill Skarsgård plays Eric Draven. Skarsgård brings a new level of intensity to the role. He is known for his scary work as Pennywise in the “It” movies. Eric Draven is a character with a dark past who comes back from the dead to get revenge for killing himself and his fiancée, Shelly Webster.

Fans are looking forward to seeing how Skarsgård adapts the role to honor the original movie while also giving it more depth.

Character Insights

The journey of Eric Draven in the new Crow movie is a lot like the one in James O’Barr’s original graphic novel. After Eric and Shelly, soulmates, are brutally killed, Eric sets to make things right by getting revenge on the people who killed them. 

He goes through the worlds of the living and the dead on this journey, dealing with his dark past and fighting to get justice for those who killed them.

Meet the Cast of The Crow 2024

 Sami Bouajila in The Crow (2024)

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Main Cast Members

FKA Twigs as Shelly Webster

  • Shelly Webster is Eric Draven’s fiancée, and FKA Twigs plays her. The narrative starts with her brutal murder along with Eric. FKA Twigs is known for having unique artistic skills. She will bring a new point of view to Shelly’s character, which will give the new Crow movie more emotional depth.

Danny Huston

  • Danny Huston is an important part of the cast of “The Crow 2024.” Huston’s character adds to the story’s dark and gritty feel by being a big part of both movies and TV shows.

Supporting Cast

Isabella Wei

  • Isabella Wei is in the supporting cast, which gives the movie more depth and mystery. Even though her exact role hasn’t been revealed yet, it’s likely to be very important to how the story goes.

Laura Birn and Jordan Bolger

  • Laura Birn and Jordan Bolger both bring their amazing acting skills to the cast, and they play important parts that are closely connected to Eric Draven’s plan to get revenge.

Why was The Crow cancelled?

Danny Huston and Laura Birn walking, The Crow (2024)

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Over the years, the Crow reboot has had a lot of problems. The project has been shelved and brought back to life several times, mostly because of money problems and differences in opinion. Some of the main reasons why the reservations kept getting canceled are:

  • Changes in Casting: Many actors, including Jason Momoa, were considered for the part of Eric Draven, but he eventually dropped out because of creative differences.
  • Changes in Directors: The movie had several directors who were attached but later quit, which caused delays and uncertainty.

Revival of the Project

Even with these problems, the project was brought back to life with a strong commitment from the current production team. Rupert Sanders will direct the new Crow movie, which will be made by Davis Films and John Jencks. It will pay tribute to the original movie and its source material, the graphic novel by James O’Barr.

  • Stable Production Team: This team has been able to get past problems in the past, so the project stays on track.
  • Promise to Stay True to the Original Vision: The production wants to stay true to the original graphic novel by James O’Barr while giving the story a more modern feel.

Release Date

The movie “The Crow 2024” will come out on August 23, 2024. Fans of both the original movie and the graphic novel can’t wait for this new version. They hope it lives up to the cult classic status of the first movie.

Who replaced Brandon Lee in The Crow?

Bill Skarsgård with a sword in his chest, The Crow (2024)

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Movies

In the original movie, Brandon Lee played Eric Draven so well that it became legendary. The sad fact that he died while filming “The Crow” in 1994 made the movie even more somber. Carl Draven is played by Bill Skarsgård in the 2024 Crow reboot.

As an actor who is known for his intense and varied roles, Skarsgård wants to honor Lee’s legacy while giving the character his own unique take.

  • Bill Skarsgård’s Approach: Skarsgård has said that he wants to stay true to Eric Draven while also giving the character new layers. He is a good choice for the part because he has played dark and complicated characters before.
  • Honoring Brandon Lee: The production team and Skarsgård are committed to honoring the memory of Brandon Lee and his famous performance by making sure that the new movie pays homage to the first one while also going its own way.

Character Depth

Soulmates Eric and Shelly are brutally killed in “The Crow 2024,” which sets the stage for Eric to come back and get even. The role of Eric Skarsgård is expected to go deep into his dark past and his desire to make things right, giving the graphic novel by James O’Barr a new but true look.

Why did Jason Momoa leave The Crow?

At first, Jason Momoa was set to play Eric Draven in the new Crow movie. His involvement in the project made it very exciting and talked about a lot. Momoa’s scary good looks and acting skills made him seem like the perfect choice to play Eric Draven, who wants to get revenge.

Reasons for Departure

Even though he was excited at first, Jason Momoa eventually quit the project. He left for the main reasons listed below:

  • Creative Differences: One big reason was disagreements about how to make the movie creative. The production team and Momoa could not agree on what the character and the movie should be like.
  • Production Delays: The project’s repeated delays and lack of clarity also played a role in his decision to quit.

Impact on Production

  • Problems with Casting: Momoa’s departure caused a lot of problems, which caused the production schedule to slip even more.
  • Changing the cast with Bill Skarsgård: After Momoa left, Bill Skarsgård was cast as Eric Draven, who gave the project new life and got it back on track.

Key Takeaways

Main Highlights

  • Eric Draven as played by Bill Skarsgård is a new take on the character that aims to honor Brandon Lee’s legacy while also exploring new depths.
  • Cast of The Crow 2024: FKA Twigs, Danny Huston, and Isabella Wei are just a few of the talented actors who bring their own special skills to the Crow universe.
  • Production Journey: The Crow reboot has had a rough go, with Jason Momoa leaving and multiple cancellations, but it has finally come together with a dedicated team.

What the Future Holds

  • When It Will Come Out: “The Crow 2024” will come out on August 23, 2024. Fans can’t wait to see how this new version of the story compares to the original movie.
  • Potential for Sequels: If this reboot does well, there may be more episodes that go into more detail about the rich and dark world that James O’Barr created for Crow.


When will The Crow 2024 be released?

The Crow 2024 is set to be released on August 23, 2024. Fans are eagerly awaiting the new adaptation of James O’Barr’s graphic novel.

Who plays Eric Draven in The Crow 2024?

Bill Skarsgård plays Eric Draven, a character with a dark past catch who returns from the dead to seek merciless revenge.

What is the main plot of The Crow 2024?

The story follows soulmates Eric Draven and Shelly Webster, who are brutally murdered. Eric returns to put the wrong things right and avenge their deaths.

How does The Crow 2024 honor the original film?

The new film stays true to James O’Barr’s graphic novel, while Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of Eric Draven honors the legacy of Brandon Lee.

Why did Jason Momoa leave The Crow reboot?

Jason Momoa left the Crow reboot due to creative differences and production delays, leading to Bill Skarsgård being cast as Eric Draven.