“Memento Mori” – “Penny Dreadful” Review (SPOILERS!)

Jun 26, 2015

No Vanessa Ives? No Ethan Chandler? No problem. Sir Malcolm Murray, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Ferdinand Lyle and Sembene were up to the task. In what turned out to be the most revealing episode of the “Penny Dreadful” series as a whole.

Sir Malcolm Murray did some much needed venting.

At first, we see Sir Malcolm perusing through old photos, presumably family ones. A scene later he’s discussing how to understand the meaning of being in love with Frankenstein who came to him for advice on the subject. Sir Malcolm was at a loss for words, something he usually is not, which he thankfully took notice of in a major way for himself. He told Frankenstein on the outside he’s a happy, content man who dismissed his wife’s death to go dancing at a ball. But that deep-down inside he’s still the same cold, dark and calculated man he has always been.

Side stepping away from Sir Malcolm for a minute. Mr. Lyle gathers the smaller group to make them aware that the the Verbes Diablo puzzle they have been arduously trying to decrypt has finally been solved. Its reveled the illusive “master” from season one is coming back at some point because we can never have just the one villain. As we know from this season, Lucifer is the big bad. His brother is Dracula. Dracula failed to wed Miss. Ives, so Lucifer has sent the witches to do his bidding and finish the job.

Shortly after the revelation, Sir Malcolm’s body is taken over by Evelyn Poole. Sembene immediately grabs Sir Malcolm and throws him into an abandoned and dusty room where Sembene yells, “Remember who you are!” Sir Malcolm begins to see his entire family: Gladys, Mina and Peter, until he realizes they are dead and snaps out of Ms. Poole’s enchantment. When he comes to, he figures out who put him under this spell and decides to go after her. (Not a brilliant idea.) The witches, obviously, bested him. He’s now trapped by Ms. Poole facing his fear of having killed his two children and his wife. Let’s hope Miss. Ives and Mr. Chandler (cough The Wolfman) aren’t too late to save him.

Aside from the Sir Malcolm action, Lily went full-on mad when confronted by John Clare. Billie Piper’s performance in this scene can’t be spoiled. It’s absolutely stellar. That’s all that will be said. And don’t know why creator/writer John Logan continues to push story lines further down the show’s life because he continues to tease Inspector Bartholomew Rusk’s investigation into Mr. Chandler. Oh, also Dorian Grey’s portrait was revealed for the first time. Uncovered by Angelique, who was killed by Mr. Grey due to his belief that she couldn’t possibly accept him for who he truly is. Classic. Looks like this will be delved into in greater detail in season three. Oh well.

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