Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Lost Chronicles Vol. 1 Review

Aug 7, 2018


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Lost Chronicles Vol. 1
Boom! Studios

Written By: Kyle Higgins, Ross Thibodeaux, Marguerite Bennet, Trey Moore, James Kochalka, Jorge Corona, Tom Taylor, Jamal Campbell, Caitlin Kittredge, Mairghread Scott
Art By: Rod Reid, Rob Guillory, Huang Danlan, Terry Moore, James Kochalka, Joege Corona, Goñi Montes, Dan Mora, Jamal Campbell, Frazer Irving, Dajung Lee, Daniel Bayliss
Colors By: Taylor Wells, Hi-Fi, Gabriel Cassata, Sarah Stern
Lettered By: Ed Dukshire, Jim Campbell 

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics have done an absolutely great job on telling a fun story with plenty of action. While the main issues focus on big arcs, the annuals that are collected here from 2016-2017 are definitely something fans should read if they missed out on them when they were originally released or if they want to continue adding it to their collection. Like many other annuals, these contain side stories that take place in many different places on the timeline next to the main books of the series. The stories told are either heartwarming, goofy or downright tragic. When you have this many characters, it’s hard to give everyone the focus they deserve and there are definitely a few here that do that.

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We get a bit more on Jason working on his role as a leader and balancing his life. Kimberly and Trini have a fun day out that goes bad. Zack has probably one of the best stories here as it heavily develops his character. One of the best things this collection also gives is some background on a couple of the villains. Mainly on Goldar and Finster. Goldar’s recruitment comes as a way many can easily see happening but Finster is the dark and twisted standout story among the villains back history. One of the most fun issues here that I loved reading again was Goldar and Scorpina having a day out in Angel Grove.

The stories collected in the trade really offer a great variety of different short stories from many writers and artists. If you have been reading the Power Ranger comics in trade, this is definitely one you want to add to your collection and read up on. Giving you that great balance of background stories and also fun little side stories that don’t affect any ongoing narrative but embraces the pure cheese that many power ranger fans grew up on. Not every story will resonate with everyone but there are plenty that really stands out. There is a lot of care here from all the teams that worked on this and I believe all fans old and new will get a lot of enjoyment here.

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