Moon Knight #10: Marvel Comics Review

Apr 4, 2022

Moon Knight has always been one of Marvel’s more mysterious characters, and this issue doesn’t move too far away from the status quo. This edition builds upon that tradition, and takes us for a ride of twists and turns that help us explore both the story and Marc Spector himself.

Marvel Comics
Written by: jed mckay
Art by: Alessandro Cappuccio
Colors by: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit


The story opens with Marc speaking to his therapist, Dr. Andrea Sterman. When he is meeting with Dr. Sterman, he is discussing another one of her clients, Rutherford Winner. Without spoiling too much, Winner has recently broken out of Ravenscroft Mental Institution. From there, Winner and Moon Knight get into a bit of a scrimmage early on in a flash back.

A game of who’s exactly who

From there, this edition takes us on a roller coaster of twists and turns, and just when you think that you have everything figured out, you will have likely been bamboozled. This plot was a dense one, but the deeper it went, the more intrigue it brought. Marc is a complicated character, and this edition was a perfect way to personify that into the plot.

Moon Knight #10 cut back and forth a lot when it came to flash backs, but the art and writing style did a fantastic job of breaking it up in a clear and consistent manner. It really brought a whole two different layers to the plot. These blended incredibly well together at the end of the edition. The art was spot on for what this edition wanted to achieve.

Headed down a violent path

If you stick with this series, it is pretty clear by the end that Marc is headed down a pretty violent path. By the end of this edition, there is no doubt that Moon Knight is out for blood. After reading this edition, I believe it would be a pretty foolish endeavor to believe that he won’t get whatever (or whoever) he is looking for. Moon Knight #10 had everything you could be looking for.

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