Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1: Marvel Comics Review

May 9, 2022

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Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #1 main cover

Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1 containers three short stories from acclaimed Marvel writers and artists. Each team provides their version of Moon Knight and how he deals with that Egyptian stuff.

Anubis Rex
Written by: Johnathon Hickman
Art by: Chris Bachalo

In this short, Moon Knight is traveling the cosmo looking for scarabs that Ra has spread throughout the universe. The story is one of the weaker ones in the anthology. Hickman and Bachalo tried to jam too much into a short space, and it shows. If this gets turned into an ongoing series, it would be a fascinating premise that hasn’t been explored before. 

So White. Yet, So Dark.
Written by: Murewa Ayodele
Art by: Dotun Akande

This short focuses on his impromptu team up with Spider-Man. Out of the shorts, this was the best one. Ayodele and Akande work well to develop a fun experience that plays to Moon Knight and Spider-Man’s strengths. The best part is the banter between the characters and the conclusion. 

The End 
Written by: Marc Guggenheim 
Art by: Jorge Fornes

This last one is a wild, crazy short. Based on the most recent series, with the Midnight Mission. Out of all of them, this was a one-and-done story due to how it was done. The trick used by Guggenheim and Fornes is the perfect representation of the chaotic nature Moon Knight is. It fit perfectly and was the perfect end cap for the issue. 

Final Thoughts on Moon Knight

Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood was interesting and enjoyable. The shorts touched upon each aspect of the character and gave readers a chance to see his many different variations of him. If the first story were more transparent or less dense, it would be an issue that any fan would need to read.

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