Moving Out (Review)

May 18, 2020


One of my favorite and most memorable scenes from the show Friends, came when Ross Geller tried to move a couch into his new apartment. If you don’t know what I am talking about, look it up on YouTube, I promise you’ll laugh. Every time I played moving out, whether I was alone, or with friends, I thought back to this iconic scene and it made me appreciate how much fun this game truly is. Moving out is hectic, it will test your friendship, but you and your friends will have a blast playing this game. Moving out is the next “must play” couch co-op game. 

In moving out you and a group of friends will work together to move items into a moving truck. This concept sounds simple but once you are in the middle of a level you will find out how difficult this truly is. You can throw items, catch items, and even slap things. When you are trying to move things around you have to consider the weight and physics of these items. When you are playing with others you have to work together to move bigger items and it becomes a game about cooperating and communicating with each other. In times like these where everything outside is bad news, it’s awesome to have a game like Moving Out to help levitate the times that we are living in. My wife and I played this game together, and she is not a gamer like me, but she couldn’t help but smile and laugh as we were going through the levels. 

The level design in this game is fantastic. One of my favorite moments from the game came when I tried to get something off a car that was on the second floor of a house. When I got that item that I needed to move, the car moved and fell to the first floor. I fell with the car and this led to me dying but coming back immediately. It’s moments like this that make Moving Out so great. It’s moments like a turtle chasing you around as you are trying to get things into a moving truck that kept me coming back to this game. You can find this kind of moment on every level. Another aspect where the game shines it’s in how funny the writing is. Every time you beat a level you’ll get a small piece of dialogue between the movers and these interactions are hilarious. Every level comes with its own set of challenges. Some levels ask you to not break any windows or to grab a specific item and load on to the truck. These challenges add to the overall objective of just moving pieces of furniture on to a truck. 

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In moving out you are given the freedom to customize characters to your liking. The customization options that are here are pretty in-depth. This is something I was not expecting from a game like this. You can change, not only the colors on characters, but also how they look and what they wear. I like having things to unlock. 

Moving out is meant to be played with friends. If you plan to play Moving Out by yourself, you’ll still enjoy it, but it not the ideal experience. When playing by yourself you are required to move fewer items and the bigger items really don’t have the same weight as they do when you play with other people. I played some of the levels by myself for this review and I had a good time, but it didn’t compare to when I was playing with my friends. That being said, I wish Moving Out came with an online feature where you could match make. For a game that was released in 2020, it is kind of weird to not have this feature at launch. This is really my only complaint with the game. 

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Moving Out came out at a time where people are stuck inside and need a distraction from reality, Moving Out can help you with that. If you are stuck at home with someone, do yourself a favor and purchase this game. I cannot say the same if you are planning to play this game solo. Ultimately, this is a game that is meant to be played with others. Playing this game alone is fine, playing this game with other people its a blast. Stay home and play Moving Out, it is worth it! 

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