Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 252: NWGLS 2019 Year End Review, Nerd Years Resolutions, And A Look Forward to 2020

On this special Giant-Sized edition of NWGLS we discuss the best and worst of 2019! We talk about our Nerd Years Resolutions for 2019, and what our new Nerd Years Resolutions of 2020 will be. We give a look ahead to some of the things we’ll be getting in 2020, and we discuss some of the greatest movies of the last decade!


Best of 2019

Best Toy –
Best Board Game – 

Video Games
Best Video Game – 

Best Soundtrack  –

Best Comic series – 

Best Actress –
Best Actor –
Best overall moment
Best Docuseries/ Reality show
Best New TV Show
Best ongoing TV Show –
Biggest surprise in TV 

Best Fight
Best Actor
Best Actress –
Best overall Moment
Best Documentary
Best Movie
Best Comic Movie
Biggest surprise in a movie – 

Best Moment
Worst Moment
Biggest Surprise of 2019
Biggest letdown of 2019
Best Podcast of 2019


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