Nerdy By Nature: Game Night! Open World. Interactive. Great Story Line.

Jan 20, 2017

You can’t help waking up each day only to discover a faded memory of the very same words that you have once said before.

Nathan took the lead on this episode, as he loves Westworld. Chris got right into this series and binged through the first season. Elijah did watch Westworld (unfortunately he has yet to make it past the first episode).

Hopkins has always done well in roles that feature an outcast or eccentric. Playing a mad scientist, if you will, is not a far stretch for him as his character thoroughly enjoys pushing the creative envelope to create the most realist hosts ever created.


Do you feel a little Jurassic Park in this series? Westwood was inspired by the flick from back in 1973.  Further inspiration comes from Interstellar, Lost, The Dark Night, and more.

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