Nerdy By Nature: Game Night! Play BBS Door Games with Us.

Jan 13, 2017

Twenty two years ago marked the transition between an era of localized connections, to wide area networking. Thanks, to high speed internet, the Bulletin Board System would soon become nearly extinct.  From the late 70s to mid nineties, text-based adventuring was a popular multiplayer past time.


Enter the world of Door Games.

Barren Realms Elite (BRE) is a strategy, turn-based game that was a precursor to MMO (massively multiplayer online) as we know them today.

In this game, you have to build your empire with resources, food, army, moral, and technology to ensure a long-standing success for your nation. Using FidoNet (Multiplayer BBS Network), you can proclaim your fearless ways while defending your empire with honour and glory.


 You can play Assassin for a fair portion solo. But, there’s an option to take out an opponent who is also visiting the same Bulletin Board System as you are. If you haven’t played it, you essentially scour the forest for trouble and periodically visit the local tavern to drink away your sorrows. The story line is playful and light.  Check out this interview with the creator of Assassin with a BBS Blog here.



Let’s play some door games together, shall we?