NETFLIX green lights Jon Bernthal Punisher Series

Apr 30, 2016

Most fans favorite part about Netflix’s: Daredevil season 2 was Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of the Punisher, well they heard the overwhelmingly positive response and have green lit a Punisher solo series on their popular streaming platform.  According to reports former Hannibal show runner Steve Light Foot will be brought into helm the series, with no official word on a release date.

punisher teaseWhile I am in agreement with most fans that the Punisher was truly the defining arc of Daredevil Season 2, the recent Punisher marketing Blitz that Marvel is putting together right now has me a bit concerned.  To me the Punisher has always been a character that works best in small doses, in large part due to the extremely violent nature of his stories. Nothing against gratuitous violence, it’s just not something that always works best as a regularly scheduled trope within the normally bubbly Marvel universe, usually resulting the character being somewhat toned down.  Leaving me to wonder just how true to the character, projects like Beckey Cloonan and Steve Dillion’s latest Punisher solo comics series due out in May will be?

I have little doubt that the Netflix series will not shy away from Punisher’s repeated acts of violence.  So youPunisher_game_cover have to consider would you like to watch something like the prison scene from season 2 of daredevil over and over for 13 straight hours? I am sure some of us would say yes, but most casual Netflix viewers may lose interest after the shock value of such a scene is lost over the course of a season.

As someone who has enjoyed the Punisher character immensely since high school.  Thanks in large part to very under rated Thomas Jane solo Punisher film of 2004, and the truly epic playstation 2 THQ Punisher video game of 2005 that allowed children everywhere to torture murders and drug dealers for hours on end, I am someone who is going to take in every Punisher project.  However only time will tell the longevity of such a violent character whose only code is justice at all cost will be sustainable within the mainstream media.

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