Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’ Joins ‘Iron Fist’ In Cancellation – Reportedly Ends Over “Creative Differences”

Oct 20, 2018

Last week, it was announced that Netflix/Marvel Television’s Iron Fist wouldn’t be getting a third a season as the series would be cancelled. Deadline now reports the mature superhero series Luke Cage will also be ending without a third season. They are citing creative differences during the development of the third season as cause for the the abrupt ending of the series.

While many fans are speculating a rescue from Disney in the form of their streaming services, nothing suggests that is an official plan as the mature series doesn’t exactly gel with the current plans for the family-friendly nature of Disney’s streaming service.

Bob Iger stating publicly that more mature streaming content would be handled by Hulu, which they’ll now have majority stake in after the merger with Fox. The brutal violence of the shows and the tone would have to be drastically watered-down and I’m not sure they want to do that incurring backlash from audiences that would expect the Netflix tone previously established.

Fans can hold out hope but it seems unlikely either show or a revamped Heroes for Hire would move to the Disney service.

It was recently reported that Marvel Studios would be delivering them MCU canon shows. The Netflix shows aren’t exactly directly connected to the MCU and it would seem odd to have two separate television universes on a single platform.

It’s not entirely without merit as the Netflix/Marvel shows have increasingly become repetitive, bloated with character filler, and are more often retreading the same territory the other shows are.

Jessica Jones is currently filming it’s third season, Punisher recently wrapped it’s season two shoot, and Daredevil season three just dropped on Netflix. It’s currently unknown if those shows will be given another season either at this point.

There is a good chance the characters get a reboot with new actors or aren’t carried over at all with the shows just ending.


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