The New Emarosa

Feb 11, 2019

Emarosa, a Post-Hardcore band based out of Kentucky, dropped there latest album Peach Club today. This is Emarosa’s 5th studio album and first their completely new sound.

A quick backstory. I was in college browsing mySpace and Limewire for some new tunes. Yes, this was how to discover music back in the day guys. I discovered their second album, Relativity, which was the beginning  of Post-Hardcore as we know it. The band was going through changes and my favorite vocalist of all time, Jonny Craig, joined the band. This album helped me study and rage through my undergrad years along with their other self-titled album. The passion and sound from the band and Jonny was incredible. This was the peak of Post-Hardcore, imagine walking downtown Austin during SXSW and seeing Anthony Green of Circa Survive, Craig Owens of Chiodos, and Jonny Craig all in the same day. Some things happened and Jonny parted ways with Emarosa. This was a sad time as the band took a long hiatus. Emarosa decided to go a different direction with the sound and found former Squid the Whale member, Bradley Walden. This guy brought some of the smoothest vocals you’ll ever hear. The bands new sound was brilliant and you can tell the band is very creative and talented with their instruments. Two albums later and they established a nice Altnertave Rock sound due in large part to some band members departing for new adventures. Here we are today as they release Peach Club with a completely revamped and brilliant sound.

New Emarosa

Peach Club is a beautifully written and produced Pop Album. The band is completely happy and honest with the new direction. In an interview with AltPress, the band says

This record has given us the ability to write the type of music that we wanted to and will allow us to seize opportunities that we couldn’t before.

They also go on to say they can now compose tracks with brass, woodwinds, and synthesizers bringing a mix of beautiful melancholic melodies and upbeat vibe. I was skeptical of the change when I heard the first single Givin’ Up as I am a huge fan of Post-Hardcore music and early Emarosa. However, I listened to the album twice through and can say without a doubt they nailed it perfect. Top to bottom, the album has an incredible vibe and sound. They really captured the pop mood with the production and instrumentals. Of course Bradley’s smooth vocals are perfect for this new sound. Put it all together and you get this masterpiece. Welcome to the Peach Club and welcome to the new Emarosa.


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