New Merch Gives Us First Look at Pokémon Stars

May 4, 2017

Look out fans, new images of the upcoming Pokémon Stars are starting to make the rounds! New merchandise has appeared online with beautiful art of Pikachu under an open sky with the tagline “look upon the stars.” The hypothetical follow-up to the massively successful Pokémon Sun and Moon is rumored to take the path of other 3rd Chapter entries such as Pokemon Platinum however at this point this is nothing but hearsay

For Pokemon Stars, the main point of interest, for now, is simple: what console will it come out on? Nintendo has been firm on saying they will continue to support the 3DS through 2017 but how could they not want to support their newest console with one of their key properties?  Nintendo and Game Freak have said in the past the Pokémon has always been a portable game first and foremost, but now that their main console is a hybrid portable does that mean we’re heading towards a new platform? One side of this argument is that Pokemon is the game to have for the 3DS as well as for all previous iterations of Nintendo’s handheld consoles. By developing the series for their new hardware, the publishers would basically be turning their back on the 3DS entirely. Personally, I would love to see a next generation game that takes advantage of the gorgeous new hardware. Think of what Game Freak could do if they expanded on the franchise similar to how Nintendo handled Breath of the Wild. With the ample catalog of the 3DS I think we can still have great titles that aren’t Poké-centric.

For now, all we can do is dream and see what the future will hold for Pikachu and friends. Rumors will continue to swirl in the coming months but at least for now we can “look upon the stars.”

Will the rumors be true? How do you want to play the new Pokémon? Comment below and stay tuned to GWW for more Nintendo news.

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