New Trailer for Ever Oasis Shows Off Unique Gameplay

May 9, 2017

A new trailer for Ever Oasis has been released and the innovative 3DS exclusive looks to please RPG fans worldwide. The new two-minute video introduces us to the world of Ever Oasis, providing some back story and showing some of the unique gameplay.

The new role-playing game has you playing as the Oasis Chief, in charge of building local shops and attractions. Developer Grezzo, the team behind every Zelda 3DS game, is touting the game as equal parts town management and adventure. This type of mechanic reminds me a tad of the Super Nintendo classic Actraiser, but I imagine will be more on par with Rune Factory 4 or an Animal Crossing game with battles.

The story has the player trying to gain allies and build a city in the desert with the help of the water sprit, Esna. Beginning with a party of three, the player will set out on an adventure where direct control of party members can be swapped at any time. As the game progresses you will meet and recruit more people to your town, the titular Ever Oasis, in order to build a community and boost the infrastructure. NPCs will praise you if you bring in outside visitors however if the town is not up to snuff then the visitors themselves will be a spur in your saddle. An interesting aspect to the visiting NPCs is the rumors they can share, often leading the player to untold treasures. Combine the prospect of mystery with the equipment customization and the opportunities to be a treasure hunter will be abundant. Want to add a digger to your group for caves? Done. How about a magic member of the party? Easy. This kind of customization, something widely displayed in modern RPGs, will fit perfectly with perfectly with the world building that the game centers around.

With the pedigree of studio head Koichi Ishii, the brain trust behind The Secret of Mana, this RPG experience is shaping up to be a must play as we near the end of the Nintendo 3DS. Look for Ever Oasis to hit the Nintendo 3DS on June 23rd, 2017.

Are you excited for another 3DS RPG? What are your favorite hand-held role-playing games? Comment below and stay tuned to GWW for more Nintendo news.