Night Moves #1 Review

Nov 21, 2018


Night Moves #1
IDW Publishing

Written by: V.J Boyd and Justin Boyd
Art by: Clay McCormack
Colors by: Mike Spicer
Letters by: Shawn DePasquale 

Night Moves is a slick new series from the minds of V.J and Justin Boyd. There’s sinister things happening in vegas as we follow hard boiled drifter Chris Dundee throughout its violence. Finding himself embroiled in a mashup of demonic forces and shotgun wielding priests, he’s in for a wild ride into the darker side of Sin City. Dark, brutal and full of twists, the life of the once proud gambler shall be put to the test as he battles the occult.  Is it time for Chris to fold? Or will he gamble his soul with the devil?

The issue opens with Chris as an old man living life in the suburbs 40 years from now. He’s living a quiet life and begins to tell the tale of the one woman he loved that he lost. It jumps back to the present day to a dive bar called the Alchemy. It instantly sets a noir style tone in its early pages that felt really familiar. It’s dialogue and pacing seem Tarantino almost and it flows with ease to read through. Things take a violent turn early on set setting the mood and tone for the series. People are being used in weird experiments at the back of the grimy bar and it leads Chris wanting to uncover the truth.

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As the issue progresses the mystery and twists get heavier and weirder and I couldn’t get enough. Chris uncovers clues leading to a woman named Sophia which ultimately seals his fate in uncovering more than he should have. There’s a lot going on in the first issue but it’s brilliantly paced and never felt too much. Characters are well introduced and have depth. The artwork by Clay McCormack is perfect for the story with its dull and darken color tones that pop when the violent panels occur. I feel the series will get some traction once this first issue has been released and may lead to a cult following. It has all the markings of a classic that I love and will hit all the right notes for any likewise fans of noir and horror.

Night Moves isn’t pretty and it’s not attempting to be. It’s lead character has more in common with Constantine and Frank Castle than that of Clark Kent. If you’re wanting a new dark and thoughtful dive into the occult I can’t recommend this first issue more.

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